Lee Wilson , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. *Professor

This guy use to be my boyfriend. Until he dropped his phone in my car. Thats where I found this picture and all the numbers to his lovers. He told me that this was an ex-friend but what a liar. I am so done with him. He keeps going back to that cunt mother of his child. Tells me its over between her, yet he’s always at her place. Although, he never introduced me to his baby. I know for a fact, he loves me. He told me. He took me to his moms, so he has too. Anyway, the only time he ever came over was late at night and he never took me anywhere. This asshole, will take you to secluded places(like this chick in Moose Jaw) and be secretive. Its how he likes it. Im suprised, he hasnt given anyone STDS. His new name should be Dr. Cheater. He not only has a sex addiction but He always has to be fucking someone new. From what I found out, he’s been with 6 women in the last 5 years. If after a year, he wont inttoduce to his baby, my advice is leave. Ladies beware!