Lee Phan, Sandy Nguyen, Andrew Nguyen, Pho Cocoa fusion, scumbags – Florida

Lee Phan and Sandy Nguyen of Orlando Florida, 1409 willow Branch dr. Sandy 407-617-9058, Lee 386-320-1936. Had a restaurant in cocoa village FL called Pho Cocoa fusion! They did a very bad job running it so they closed up running out on everyone they owed money to! They had hired a homeless guy to work for them and told him he wasn’t getting paid! That he was used to living on the street so he will be just fine and they didn’t have to pay him because there restaurant went under,anyone who ever thinks of working for these people in the future should know what kind of scumbags they are and never trust them to be honest people!!!

Lee Phan, Sandy Nguyen, Andrew Nguyen, Pho Cocoa fusion, scumbags – Florida

This is about Lee Phan from Orlando Florida and Sandy Nguyen and her son Andrew Nguyen, they are all scumbags who opened a restaurant in cocoa FL…. For starters they never paid there rent and closed up owing the landlord $20,000 in back rent!! They ran off and didn’t pay any of there employee’s the money they owed them! They were nasty Never had a liquor license.

Would shower in the kitchen.

Drank and parties a dell night.

Never paid any of there bills.

Would drop food on the floor and plate it. Would leave food out overnight and still serve it.

Lee was always in his underwear, female staff were tired of going into the restaurant and seeing Sandy and Lee nude!

Lee was always trying to bang the staff would come out of the office in his underwear when he was alone with female staff.

Female staff were afraid to be there alone with Lee they would go in the kitchen and Lee would be taken a shower

Never paid any of his taxes!

And the list goes on and on these people are Ture scumbags stay away from them they don’t pay there bills