James Kenneth Hamm. Sutherlin, Oregon, USA

He uses the name “Ken” or “Kenny”. Born Sept. 5, 1945, Oklahoma. Grew up Bakersfield, Calif. Has lived in Oregon for decades. 6ft 250 lbs. Married at least 4 times. He will be whatever you want him to be….a Churchgoer who preaches the gospel or tell Vietnam War stories though he was never there. He will join AA, sex addicts anonymous, anything to get you to believe ‘he wants to change’ as he destroys everything and everyone you ever cared about. Then he will stalk you and your family, and never quite go away, and when he does he’ll take every dime you had.

One woman got pregnant while he was married to someone else, but he didn’t pay support and refused to claim the kid until he was forced to, who is now grown and in prison. He often uses the excuse that someone in his family has died. Even telling people that one of his x wives had died rather than admit she divorced him. He even cheats at golf!

This snippit is from just one of the women he destroyed :
” relationship covered 9 to 12 months…coming to town to see me every other week…..called me at work that his father had a heart attack in Los Angeles. Ken said he was flying out immediately….father died, had to go make funeral arrangements, that he was executor of his father’s will……I called the phone # of Kenneth Hamm listed in Portland, Or….got Ken’s wife, was shocked to find out he was married…that everything he said was fabrication….he is a sick person and needs help.”

Plenty of documented proof of the chaos this sociopath has created up and down the entire I-5 Freeway in 3 states, when I can figure out how to upload it all.