Lauren Haidon, Buffalo, New York

Lauren Haidon lies that she isn’t the owner of @MyPurplePrint. She also lies and states that she isn’t giving her own child’s personal and confidential information to Paul Boyne (a creepy 50-something who lives in his parent’s basement) to post on his jew-hating, African-American loathing (repeatedly using the N-word), threatening police, judges and many other public officials while continually disparaging the child’s father at the encouragement of this sad, beautiful disaster.

These are just the small things she has snowed the masses with.

What good mother does that and still has visitation?

Lauren Haidon, Buffalo, New York

Doesn’t understand the damage she is inflicting on her daughter by continually submitting false allegations (all proven to be false) of domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Has made her baby get MANY unnecessary “invasive” exams trying to get the results she desired.

She is CHEATING HER CHILD out of a healthy childhood all due to an obsession with destroying her ex at the expense of her baby. It is a sad thing to witness.