Nichole Schwebke, Lancaster, California

Nichole Schwebke is a rotten home wrecker, terrible person who has ruined families in at least three states! She uses anything she can to lure stupid men and then steals everything they have. Keep your men away. When she feels they can give no more, she moves on. Just like a locust. She left one of her husbands while he was dying of cancer. She set up another one to get him arrested when it was her that should had been sitting in jail. She will ruin your family! If you hear her name, or even hear a rumor of her name, take your family and run away as fast as possible.


Anthony Mcelrath, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – He is an expert cheater!!

I was engaged to Anthony Mcelrath for over 2 years after meeting him. This dog cheated on me five times….with married women. He makes girls believe hes a great guy but in all reality he knows he has a big d**k and knows it will get a million girls so be warned he is a cheater. He is an expert cheater. If you hook up,with him don’t believe anything he tells you. He will play anyone that he can he stole my heart and then broke it.