Kristy (Fleming) Megdadi Bryan/Ney Ohio

In December of 2012, my boyfriend of 18 months and I had a baby girl. That night, his ex-wife’s father called and told him he needed to go down to Virginia and get his other two girls because their mother was in jail. As soon as I got out of the hospital he went down to get them. He didn’t have a job at this point because he was in College, I worked and went to College, but had decided to stop until he graduated then go back…it was just too much working, kids (5 in all now because I also had 2 from a previous marriage), and trying to keep the apartment clean. I had saved money throughout my pregnancy so I could take time off after I had the baby, all of that money went to getting his kids and starting his custody fight, so I went back to work after a week and a half. He started back to school early January, and started acting funny almost immediately. He would pick fights with me out of the blue saying I was cheating on him (so I deleted my Facebook to try to alleviate the problem, didn’t work), say I was using him as a babysitter (He watched my kids while I worked, I watched his while he was gone all day at school.) He started talking about some girls he was “helping” with Chemistry, and I found out one of them was driving him to and from the school (I thought it was another guy) so I started asking questions, of course he blew up at me. I let it go and asked him the next night when he was on his phone the whole night, he blew up at me again…in front of the kids, then broke up with me. I found out soon after he’d been screwing that dirty bitch in my bed, in my apartment, with my baby there while I worked long hours (40 hour shifts)! He denied it, but the good thing about being friends with neighbors…they tell you everything! He finally moved out when our baby was 6 weeks old, in the apartment building across from mine, and moved the bitch in with him! The funny thing is, he denied having a relationship with her at all. But I’d see them together constantly and her on his balcony smoking at all hours…he also took her to Virginia for his custody hearing. They also tried to portray they did nothing wrong, telling people it was all me, that I kept his baby from him. Funny thing is, when I had her out, he would walk right by her like he had no idea who our baby was…Kristy waddling that fat ass behind him like a lost puppy, nose in the air. He said she wasn’t his, I only agreed for my own sanity! I’m not going to fight it when someone acts like a child themselves. Kristy, my hope for you is that your life is completely destroyed as you have done to mine. I hope he fucks someone in your bed, and then parades her fat ass around town acting like they have done nothing wrong. I hope he lies about you to her, making her believe what a crazy bitch you are, and she thinks she’s going to save him from the big bad witch…she’s saving him from you! I hope he makes you feel like you’re going insane every time you ask if he’s cheating, because he’s a master manipulator. I hope he leaves you in a home you can’t afford to take care of some skank, just as you did to me. But most of all, I hope your new husband finds this, and sees just what kind of person you truly are! I hope your short lived relationship with him was worth this, I stayed quiet long enough, now I think you should pay for your indiscretion.