Kristin (McCartney) Stevens of Amazon is married but meets up with random dudes on Tinder

Kristin (McCartney) Stevens works as a recruiter for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle, Washington goes on various dating apps such as Tinder and portrays herself to be single and is seeking a meaningful relationship. But — Kristin (McCartney) Stevens is married and does not say this to men that she meets up and hooks up with (she wears no ring on dates!). When I met Kristin (McCartney) Stevens in-person, we got fully intimate right away. Then after parted ways, I had my male friend meet her on Tinder, and same thing: they got sexually intimate on the first-date. Looks like Kristin (McCartney) Stevens is using Tinder for some booty-call action on the side given that obnoxiously her impotent hubby can’t seem to do the job! LOL