Jeff Kovach Jefferson Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Kovach is quite a piece of work. I dated him about 5 years ago and while things went well at first I quickly realized this guy has several issues. I remember coming home from work catching him online terrorizing people with medical disabilities. Kovach is one of those guys that thinks since he served in the national guard for about 1 and 1/2 years that he has the right to go around and bully and harass anyone he wants, even the medically disabled.

I had a conversation about this with him, about his continual harassment of people online, and he promised me he’d change and said he’d work at being a better person. A few weeks later I caught him terrorizing a female veteran who was undergoing brain surgery because she dared to ask the public for assistance. I won’t even repeat what he said here, because it’s probably against the terms of service.

At this point in time i broke up with him and ended the relationship, for being someone who served in the national guard, this is one of the most unpatriotic veterans to walk the face of the planet.

Don’t tell him that though, he’ll use his weight in the Pennsylvania Corrections field to illegally harass you, Kovach is a Thug in blue with a gun.