Nikki Leigh Kerns-Bentz

On the outside this girl appears to be a sweet mother of 3 and a successful business owner that does good helping children (pediatric speech therapy). She has probably never had a speeding ticket. Growing up in a religious family and attending Catholic school, you might think she learned something about integrity and loyalty.
However, it’s all a front for the deep seeded liar and manipulator she is. She has cheated on everyone she has ever been with since high school. She lies often and thinks people acually believe her bullsh*t. The last 16 months she has been having her latest affair with an old fling from high school, Dustin S. Several times she met up with him for lunches while their significant others were working. At night, they would meet up and bar hop, often having sex in his truck, while his girlfriend was working late. He manipulated them both just the way he had with several affairs before. He contacted Nikki, asked her out for a drink and made her feel like the only woman on the planet exactly as he had with all the others before. This went on for a whole year and while he was telling Nikki how much he loved her, he was also telling his girlfriend how much he loved HER, wanted to see her, missed her, wanted to fix things and didn’t want to give up on them. She walked away often, catching him in lie after lie after lie. But no matter how many times she walked away she always went back with hope when he said those sweet words and begged to see her. Deep down the girlfriend was madly in love with him and thought she could help him with his problem of lying and manipulating. From the very begining she wanted to give him the whole world. But he just could never stop lying, no matter the consequence or despite how many people it was hurting. But most importantly, continuously breaking his promise to never hurt his own girl friend. Often he saw them both in the same day. After a while Nikki’s husband finally got fed up and moved out. Instantly Dustin was able to stop seeing his girlfriend but would still talk to her, making her feel guilty saying she gave up on them. Even though HE was the one in his relationship to cheat and lie almost daily. As soon as Nikki’s husband moved out, they instantly went on their long awaited weekend get away, with her still married. She fell for all of his lies and manipulation just as the girls before her did. And all this time, I wonder, did Nikki think about how her decisions would effect her 3 beautiful children as she hurt her own family and tried manipulating her husband? Did she really just think the grass was so much greener on the other side? Did she consider that he will only comtinue to repeat his past as he admitted he cheating when times were great and when times were rough. There was no limits. And did she think of how this will play out, he hates smokers, he is not good with most children that aren’t his, he is overly controling and jealous, probably makes her check in every hour, they live in seperate areas of town, and so on…
So if you are ever out bar hopping in Nampa, Boise, Meridian or Kuna, you may see her. She drives a 2015 white Toyota 4 Runner with plate “ID HOME.” Or she can be found on Facebook. Her last know cell phone number is: 208-631-7699. She is easy to spot in her frequent bars as her neck puffs out like a bull frog when she sucks on her cigarettes from which she has a slightly yellow stained smile. She can also be recognized by her torso abnormally disproportioned to her skinny arms and legs with her size B (as in barely even there) chest.
So guys and girls, if you run into these two people and think how great they make you feel, please keep in mind, they are both master manipulators, liars and will ALWAYS have something else going on the side when your back is turned. They are both truly the definition of selfish narcissistic home wreckers.