Monica L Waiters, Frankfort, Kentucky

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Shari Spillman, Boyd County, Kentucky

Shari Spillman had an affair for all but 7 months of our 5 and a half year relationship. So if she wanted to act like a whore in the relationship, Ill treat her like one out of the relationship. This “mom” gets visitation at her convenience and her son frequently reports not being fed while with her. She has utilities shut off and is evicted frequently. She leaves her son home during visitation choosing partying/clubbing over quality time. She sends no birthday or Christmas gifts no school clothes or supplies. She pays not one dime of child support. Her son is 15 but this has gone on for years! She brags on what a good kid he is as if it is because of her!?!? She also wants full custody after not being employed for years….she now works 10-15 hours per week. NO STANDARDS, so if you make the mistake of letting this bitch into your life GET TESTED!!!