Shannon Lynn Duvall Akin Hubbel Daniels Rice Lake/Glenwood City Wisconsin

She cheated on me the whole time we were married with random guys she would meet at the bar while my daughters were left at home and I worked. She likes to break up marriages. She told me her first husband was beating her so I felt the need to help her. After marrying her and having to watch her drag 5 different men in to prove the paternity of my 2 daughters was embarressing. She cheated the whole time we were marries, mostly with married guys. Now we are going through a divorce (her 3rd) and she is already engaged to the stupid sucker that proposed less then 2 months after meeting her.
She says she is “fixed” so she does not have use condoms. You better! She gave me herpes and crabs. She is a fucking whore.