Katia assma benaissa has a younger sister named leah unison formerly known as Linda Benaissa. Katia assma benaissa hears informant voices of the Holy Spirit of her sisters life and everyday activity Katia also physically sexually and mentally abused leah unison The Holy Spirit got in tune with leah unison at around aged 25 It was blocking her enlightenment and abused her in s*x trafficking exploit abuse The Holy Spirit was sharing leah unison’s mind and privacy and everyday life with strangers worldwide in their own minds in the form of voices ( a mental health issue named psychosis) People have been tuned in listening to leah unison being abused worldwide and in her life in misfortune The Holy Spirit invokes people in professional jobs to shut down leah unison in her everyday life To basically lock off an awakening as an excuse to kill her physically Due to g*d using the excuse of the way people only have jobs today because they are intelligently enlightened And if the Holy Spirit succeeded in mind blocking and abuse in leah’s life It would publicly invoke death to leah unison’s life and share the details of leah’s death and the process of it In peoples minds in the form of voices! This was mind warfare The Holy Spirit unblocked evil on earth in the form of katia assma benaissa G*d was helping the evil overcome their victim by unblocking evil mind over victim and blessing spitefully katia assma benaissas life to overcome leah unison And g*d and the Holy Spirit used leah unison who is formerly known as Linda Benaissa As a decoy person to help people in tune with this to forget the true intent of gods unblock By hearing leah’s misfortunes everyday. Leah unison grew up unenlightened of her misfortune and abuse Peoples minds were and are invaded with her privacy That it puts leah unison in danger everyday Leah unison is open to harm because of the Holy Spirit and it’s mind use and it’s followers The Holy Spirit didn’t want to enlighten or help leah unison in her life Because it wanted the excuse of no enlightenment in leah’s life To make her sick and eventually kill her using its religious followers and worshippers to harm or shut her down from basic living As a mind exploit victim But the Holy Spirit did this to leah unison and severely abused her existence in poverty and abuse And has been this whole time acting as an informant and disturbing the minds of people who do not personally know leah unison But everyday the Holy Spirit tells them exactly what leah is doing and where she will go And sometimes the Holy Spirit invokes people to revoke something from leah’s life The Holy Spirit is an absolute abuser Mind exploit is a religious work However leah unison is not religious But g*d and the Holy Spirit are evil People just lie about a good g*d and Holy Spirit Due to the way they feel grateful when they hear of leah unison’s poverty abuse and misfortune

The Holy Spirit disgraced humanity and always has done People just lie about a good g*d