Karen Lois Roberts, Bradenton, Florida

Karen Lois Roberts, lives in Bradenton, FL. Her birthday is 1-17-1965* After being homeless and living on the street for many months, my father passed away, and left me close to $100k. I returned to FL, where I took up with a friend, or so I thought, Karen Roberts. We became close, and seeing that I was in a position to help and improve her life, I bought her nice new clothes, a bed and anything she wanted. My reward was a fantastic 4 month honeymoon like, non stop Sexual Frenzy. The woman of my dreams, had died in my arms, 16 months before. I could go on in detail about the next 4 months, but as the months went on, the sex became less and less , indifferent, but the drain of my money continue to increase. I did notice that she would stay at my house Friday morning till Thursday morning . It turns out, that her friend Rick barter got paid on Thursdays , then she would go home and smoke crack cocaine with him all night long and treat him to sexual favors. About 3 months ago, one of her friends told me, that she was in trouble where she was staying, because the man that owns the house where she lives, caught her giving oral sex to Rick Barter. I confronted her about this, and was made to feel like I was wrong because she said I did not trust her. Turns out she had been with this man many months even before I came back to Florida. So the last few months we were together, start time together became less and less. She managed to con me out of one more $500 shopping spree. And thousands of dollars in cash which to use to purchase and smoke crack . She is now back with any man that will be with her, and smoking dope everyday, and feels are no consequences to what she did to me. After spending almost $90,000, I was almost home once again. Luckily I am 62 now and will begin receiving my social security retirement in February. Karen was formally arrested for and convicted of misdemeanor prostitution, three felony prostitution convictions, dealing in stolen merchandise, and defrauding a pawnbroker. Also included were numerous paraphernalia and drug charges . I guess the saying that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife is true.