Kami Renee Tafolla aka as Aiyanna Renee, KamillaTafolla, Kam Renee, Aiyanna Queen

This poor excuse for a human wont leave my husband alone. It’s been three years since the affair and she is still holding in like fatel atrtraction despite the fact that we have a new son and she is married with children of her own. She has no digniry or self respect but states that she’s not going anywhere. She’ll go to any lengths needed including having her teenage daughter cover for her ill actions and saying that her child is dead and buried in the ground. She has no guilt for her actions and will admit no wrong doing, thinking that just because she’s in a crappy marriage that it justifies destroying other peoples families. So not trust the integrity of this person she will look you in the eye and lie to you. It’s funny I thought psychics were supposed to be enlightened but this person…we definetely can’t say lady….us among the lowest of the low. She works various jobs as a osychic at Oranum, making jewelry under the guise of Angel Jewelry title, and having her own personal fitness business. So not trust your husbands to work with her as she is highly manipulative and do nor support her business or you are supporting a person who prides herself in being someones mistress and has no regard for other women or other people’s lives. Her number is 918 901 7985 and she lives in Owassa Oklahoma. Please crawl back under that rock Kami and leave my family alone finally. Sorry yiure but hurt that your affair with a married man didnt work out the way you wanted but move on.