Jonathan Paul Washington. Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Jonathan Paul Washington is a two timing scum (who knows if there are more victims) who uses his charm, boyish looks, and” ambitious” career goals to woo you in. He will start with the compliments and escalade things quickly so you don’t really gave to play the dating game. He will make you feel like a princess and slowly neg you until you start to doubt yourself.. and realize this fuckboy is trying to get into your psyche. As previous ex girlfriends have stated he is a “waste of air” a lying manipulative and mentally unstable guy.

He needs the attention of girls to make him feel loved. Growing up in a broken household without the love of his father, and his mother being verbally and emotionally abused by his father.. gave him the wrong set of directions on how to treat women. He took his father’s example and decided to treat women in his life the same way. He has a severely disgusting asian fetish.. and he will try to take your virginity away.. by telling you about grandeur plans of marrying you one day and that he has a ring picked out for you.

The honeymoon stage will slowly fade and the real monster appears, he will tell you you’re worthless and poke jabs at you until you can find out what makes you tick. Then he will start to degrade you and try to make you question yourself. All the while he will want to get into your phone and read your text messages because his insecure self is projecting his infidelity onto you. He will want to make sure where you are at all times… and make you look at pictures of his small dick.. while you are at work because this broke dude is sitting at home on his ass gambling his unemployment paycheck away on Fan Duel.

He has been fired from two previous research coordinator jobs from well respected hospitals in the Baltimore area, and one has been tied to sexual harassment. Clearly he does not respect women enough that he will break them down and violate them.. until they have no self worth or respect left in themselves.

LADIES DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SCRUB. He is terrible.. he ruined the lives of very intelligent, beautiful, ambitious young woman who he lured into his hand. He is a waste of air… He will be moving to New York City soon..

JP WASHINGTON . JONATHAN PAUL WASHINGTON is a lying scumbag who will never be a real man and treat women respectfully. Do not believe his lies and “broken” story. He is a repeated offender