Joseph McCargar

Joe is a slimeball, let’s just get that out of the way. He owns Phenomenon Salon, 30 east 13th, don’t get your hair cut there he’s a date-raping girl-beating child-molesting bastard who also likes to sexually harass his employees. oh yeah, and his hair always looks like shit too. I think his band is called stark raving naked, they suck too incidentally, partly because joe is constantly dropping his pants on stage and waving his mushy ass around. Joe ‘dated’ a 15 -year old cousin of mine – he twisted the poor girl’s brain around his meaty finger – she’s so screwed up now. Did i mention Joe’s in his thirties? So as if molesting one of my cousins wasn’t enough, Joe happened to meet one of my married friends at a bar, got her totally trashed (she had her hair done by him so she trusted him) then took her back to his house and raped her. Beat her up some too – she showed me the welts and handprints. She wouldn’t go to the police because she was afraid her husband would leave her. Most chicks in this town have good enough creep-radar to stay away from this slimy fuck – but just in case, tell all your friends that if they value their ass virginity to kick joe in the nuts the next time they see him.