Jonathan Isaacs

He is a narcissistic abuser. I spent 8 years with this person. Over the course of 8 years there was physical, emotional, verbal and economic abuse. This person thinks of people as things that he can gain something from. He repeatedly walked out of jobs leaving me to shoulder the bills. He was secretive and made numerous attempts to cheat (never had definitive proof of him following through). I was choked out twice and had numerous personal items destroyed when his temper raged. He is a user of drugs. Like most narcissist he will make you think you are crazy and the cause of all of his abuse. He has put holes all over his families house in rages. He is also a lazy slob who will go through periods of living in filth. He has no regard for his partners needs what so ever. The most selfish person I have ever met. He was arrested for assaulting a former girlfriend as well. I looked this up and found out after the fact. Best keep away. He will charm you in the beginning and then it’s all down hill from there.