Joseph A. Ciccone Jr. Utica, NY USA

I am here to warn as many women as I can about this “man” who is a bi-polar sociopath who has cheated on every women he has ever been with. To make matters worse, he wants to have children with them and not be responsible for them either financially or emotionally. When he drinks, he is violent and emotionally abusive. He will call you every name in the book and tell you that your are cheating when the reality is, he is probably cheating on you with several other women. He will also try and keep you away from your friends and family to make sure he alienates you from yourself and those who really love you. He is not capable of love and my wish is that no more women and children will be affected by the wake of terror he causes. I will not expose details of our relationship because I am scared of what he could do to me and my family.

When you are first in a relationship with him, you will think he cares and he is genuine, but his behavior quickly turns into hate. Do not be fooled by this thing and do not have a child with him.

Please see these warning signs when he is cheating:
1) Calls you a cheater
2) Texting all the time and puts a lock on phone
3) Stops coming home at night
4) Can’t keep a job
5) Gets moody and non-responsive
6) Violent sexual tendancies
7) Calls you names and blames others for his shortcomings
8) Asks you to have a baby

He is a pig and I urge you to leave and never look back.