Jason A Green, Minnesota

Do NOT date this man!! Run far away! Jason is very manipulative man. He will come off as a very shy, timid, nice man that gives a story of how bad his ex wife treated him, how his mom neglected him as a child and so on. YOU WILL BELIEVE it and feel sorry for him. He is a very nice person and seems PERFECT but he lives 2-3 separate lives. You are not the only one. He’s VERY GOOD at lying, manipulating your mind to believe you’re the only one, he loves you so much, will ask to live together and downright suck you in!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! While he is getting into your mind, he’s also secretly on MULTIPLE dating sites dating other women and saying the SAME EXACT thing to them. At all times he has 2-3 woman he’s dating. If you catch him, beware he will downright degrade, call you names, emotionally/mentally tear you apart until you fold. He will manipulate it to being your fault and never admit it until you actually find proof and still NEVER give you a reason why or take responsibility. Jason also has his daughter involved and she will NEVER say anything and knows exactly what’s going on. Please save your heart and DO NOT fall victim to his game. He may seem like he knows what he wants but he is a very very very lost soul with EXTREME emotional/mental issues. Trust Me when I say this. You may not see it for months or even years like me, but if you’re gut is telling you something ain’t right, best believe something ain’t right and start to prepare yourself to leave. Once caught, he will run to the girl(s) he has just started talking to behind you’re back and tell them he loves them, you’re the crazy one, and coward out of giving you the truth. JASON will never give you closure or reasoning why! HE WILL SHUT DOWN AND NEVER STAND UP. EVERYTHING will be going great so it can happen at ANY moment. It happened TWICE for me, the last time is when I finally CAUGHT him and had proof. Now she has falling victim, she’s clueless that he’s already talking to someone behind her back now, on multiple dating sites again AND the sad thing, SHE believes every manipulative word that comes out of his mouth. I can only give the next woman a heads up. I tried to warn the one I caught him dating behind my back, but she chose to stay. She will learn. For the rest, this is a heads up!