Jerard Wooley, Tucson, Arizona

This so called man “Jerard Wooley” has lied and cheated through out our relationship and marriage. he lies about anything and every thing including phone calls with his mom. just recently i decided to check his emails i had been having the feeling he was lying and hiding something from all of last year and i happen to come across multiple sites where he was talking to other females but the worst thing was i found he had a craigslist account that he was using to find women. i only found part of the emails where he was trying to meet up with someone a few days before my birthday mind you at the time i was carrying our fourth child together. needless to say when i confronted him he denied everything even after trying to show him the proof instead he decided he was going to place the blame on me. this man has stole the last 6 years with his constant cheating and lying.