Jennifer Lynn Peden, Ringgold, Georgia

My wife after telling me she would prove she loved me and would never leave, left as soon as I got back from a business trip, found out she was in a meth motel, Cloud Springs Lodge, with Michael Will Banks and Josh Duncan, she comes back says she is going to try that she does live me, then she starts tripping on made up bullshit, and keeps threatening to leave until I said ok leave, so her friend Charlotte Sanders comes and gets her, before leaving she looks me in the eye and tells me I do love you with tears in her eyes, then I find out she went strait to a meth dealer, Jason Belcher, while working at the McDonald’s in Ringgold she cheated multiple times and I am thinking maybe they are saying more than big Macs there, she told me how all her co-workers tried hooking her up with people, the girl is married!!! Why you try to hook her up? But now she won’t speak to me at all, I found out she list her kids due to sleeping around and not having a solid home, evidently she don’t care about them cause she is still philandering and even just the other day was offering a friend if mine s*x for drugs