Janis Mikaela, Sterling Heights, Michigan USA

SHE HAS HERPES AND WILL NOT TELL YOU. ONE OF THE MOST PSYCHOPATHIC PEOPLE I HAVE MET. I’m an empath and have been hurt by many people, but none as psychopathically or remorsely as Janis Mikaela Janis Mikaela is a 20 something year old man who takes hormones but has no desire to become a woman. Janis has HSV-1 and most likely HSV-2. Many people have already suffered that the hands of her dishonesty and gotten this disease which she takes no accountability for and refuses to tell her sexual partners about. Causing many people irreversible mental, emotional, and physical anguish for the rest of their lives. I have screen caps of her admitting to the disease over facebook and admitting she knowingly transferred it to another, conveniently “forgetting it” until being held accountable. For proof of these screencaps I can be messaged.