Jamie O’Leary, Edmond, Oklahoma

Say hi to Jamie! Jamie has NEVER had a man who didn’t start out belonging to someone else! She’s been married five times and cheated on each husband with the next potential Sugar Daddy. Her strategy is the same everytime, just get pregnant!! She’s got four children, each by different saps that she suckered into believing they were going to have an exciting fling behind their wife’s back! Four children, not counting the one she gave up for adoption! She got a little ahead of herself on that one and was still pregnant by Sugar Daddy 1 when Sugar Daddy 2 came into the picture. Sugar Daddy 2 didn’t want a baby from Sugar Daddy 1. Jamie just gave that one away in the hospital the day it was born. She’ll tell you how to raise your children because she’s a great Mom according to her! Well, a great Mom that is, if they are her kids. Once you get with Jamie, if you have any kids of your own, you better get ready to say goodbye and send them to Mommy’s fulltime because Jamie hates them. She’ll make your life a living h**l if you see your kids because it’s all about HER now! She’s actively s******g around on her husband Micheal, a police officer who was diligently raising two adopted special needs children, until Jamie said they couldn’t see Daddy anymore. She’s s******g her retired boss David- who happens to be my Dad. Thanks Jamie for ruining our family. PS. My mom and I found your email to my Dad where you are begging him to pay to have your implants fixed because you sprung for a $2500 b**b job that left you lopsided with a shriveled nipple. We’ll make sure you get your new t*ts somewhere else because Dad’s money is ALL Moms now.