Lina Wall – Holly Springs & Jacksonville, NC

Lina Wall from Holly Springs and Jacksonville, North Carolina is a backstabbing, gossiping female that you need to avoid!

This compulsive lying nymphomaniac is indeed a very sick woman. Going to bed with various men, without protection was always part of her sick thrill!

Sociopaths like Lina Wall deny any form of pre-pregnancy birth control. It’s because they enjoy their intimacy so much, that taking any risk will intensify it! Lina hated the pill, because of water weight gain. She claimed to be deathly allergic to latex condoms. Lina got off over the thought of “the pregnancy risk” every time she had intercourse. She liked getting pregnant, because in her sick, sociopathic mind, she enjoyed playing God when she would abort the baby. To her, having an abortion was as meaningless as getting a pedicure and having that awful ingrown toenail removed. Lina was always too selfish for any children, anyway. She’s too inept to even know how to cook and clean! Only a clueless man with his brains in his ass would want this good-for-nothing tramp for a wife!

Lina is a typical narcissistic woman. It’s all about her and sleeping her way up to the top in her jobs with her half-assed online degrees, thinking she truly is somebody special. But in reality, everybody knows she only slept and conned her way there. Lina is useless when it comes to anything else! Women need to avoid this piece of crap, for she’ll only use you and will end up backstabbing you. Lina even backstabbed her own mother and sister, when she went to bed with their men! Men need to avoid this skank, simply because she dirty and diseased. Lina Wall is lying, cheating, con artist!

Amanda Cruse in Jacksonville

They say don’t stick your dick in crazy- and they’re talking about Mandy Cruse. Crazy eyes here is a lazy, victimized, maneater who only loves you as long as you live up to her current personality’s standards. As soon as you stop being picturesque, you are dropped like a hot potato.
Despite running her own blog and online businesses, Miss Mandy has never had an original thought in her life. Her blog posts, businesses and even her daughter’s first birthday party were taken directly from other more successful bloggers.
She got herself knocked up on purpose against her ex husband’s wishes so she could keep up with some chick online and now refuses to let him see his kids so some redneck schmuck can try and fill in his boots.

Percy Golden, Jacksonville, Florida

Percy Golden is a total sociopaths narcissist who lies, doesn’t care about people that treat him the best. He’s a good actor and is crazy making. He totally emotionally abuses you as he trains you through his controlling jealousy, then once you have nothing left but him, he treats you like a piece of poo that he never cared about. He’s terribly immature, can’t take responsibility for anything, Never sees reality for what it is, always is calculating and thus suspects you being so disgusting minded. He thinks women are much less than him in general and he can’t even ever solve a problem, admit fault, apologize, think about anyone else but himself and seriously hates psychology because he doesn’t want to even face the truth of who he is. He seriously cold and affectionate at first only to take that away and never touch you or show love. The harder you try to be perfect for him, the more he chews you up and spits you out. He will say anything to get laid.


Kyle Copeland, Jacksonville, Florida

Kyle Copeland, originally from Moultrie GA, is a cheater and will always be a cheater. He brings all the girls he cheats with to Savannah and stays at the Hyatt. This is because he can’t be caught in Jacksonville by his current girlfriend. He uses the excuse he is visiting his friend in Valdosta. He also says that his mom isn’t well and he has to spend a lot of time with her in Atlanta. While low and behold he is out with some other woman. He has no respect for women. He just uses them until he can’t use them anymore. If you decide to date him you should get tested for STD’s and HIV often.