David Frank Prieto Palm Springs California USA

David Prieto has been playing two sides with his baby Momma and an ex. He thinks because he has a baby he is Super Dad. He uses that to fix his reputaiton but the truth is that he is still a jerk. You can’t run from how you treat women no matter how many times you try to forget your past. Just like you can’t forget your felony arrests. Desert Hot Springs Police know you by name. Court records are easy to find. THe list of people that want you to go down grows every day. You treat people like garbage. You have lied and made promise to women that you havent kept. Mr Nativ1 , proud Native American that treats people in our tribe with zero respect. I know there is another “baby” in your phone and I know your trick of how you hide it. I saw it David. You still use, you are involved in that industry, and i regret ever trusting anything about you.

Dont repeat the mistake of many others.