matthew l whitlock. tampa fl. usa

goes by matty or matt. bartender, welder, skater. he can and will be the sweetest most attentive guy at first. narcissistic, smart, charming, and charismatic. over 4 yrs he left me for months at a time while he had his fun and drugs only to end up back w me when other options got stale or boring. i was an idiot for taking him back and this was a very volatile dynamic. he phases in and out of serious addiction including sex, cocaine, and alcohol. in sober phase he can seem too good to be true but like all addicts he will fall into it again. he proposed in march and by June he was bad on coke and alcohol and becomes a completely different person who only cares about what he wants w all the classic terrible addict behavior- apathy, aggresion, verbal abuse , control, manipulation, lying, cheating,etc. i decided to end this cycle and move on finally. the pain he has caused me, my son, and extended family is immense. i am writing this bc i hope to save another poor soul from being fooled by his charm because undoubtedly the manipulation, lies, cheating, abuse, and addiction will take over eventually and he is a great actor and chameleon. he will abuse you. he will lie and cheat. he will leave you.

Joe Knight

Joe Knight is on dating websites especially Plenty of Fish. He lies about his name, where he lives where he works, how much money he makes, his son, his education, I could go on. If you find out the truth, he will change his number so you cannot call him anymore. I was a fool and gave him money and gifts. I want other women to watch out for this man.