Ian Edward Rogero Houston Texas USA

He is a manipulative narcissist.
He has used multiple women, at least two of which had no choice but to claim bankruptcy after their relationship with him. (His 2nd and 3rd wives)
In his third marriage he married a US navy Sailor only to use her benefits unknown to her. Three months into their marriage he was on craigslist personals trying to find someone to bone. When she was getting out of the navy he told her to go find somewhere else to live. He had all their marital assets but paid for nothing. She had no choice but to return to her family across the states, he refused to sign her summary dissolution paperwork and refuses to file for divorce. While still married to 3rd wife he got another woman pregnant, whom he also tried to get to put stuff under her name. Learning the laws of Texas, that he wouldn’t have to pay child support while he is still married to another woman he reached out to 3rd wive to “try and make things work” to try and avoid child support. He also is wanting nothing to do with mother of child and baby. Has dirtied the names of wives, girlfriends, family members everyone who knows him for what he really is.

Has no respect for animal life: Keeps a dog locked up for majority of the day and trigger happy uses a shock collar. Kept a cat in a cage 24/7 for months with dirty litter causing sickness. Has thrown out 100’s of dollars of exotic fish because it was “too much of a hassle” to transport them from one house to another, on at least two separate occasions. Claims his dog is a service dog and forged paperwork.

Claims to be a decorated special forces veteran. He’s not.

Claims to work with troubled youth, he doesn’t.

Talks shit about every one of his own family members and then turns around and ask them for help

Claims to have graduate degrees, he doesn’t.

Claims to have only been married twice, background checks prove that is a lie.

Is verbally and emotionally abusive. Doesn’t deserve anything. Should be in (BACK) in prison, where he can’t ruin anyone else’s life.

Tells lies to always appear the victim in every situation, and to make women/people feel alone in their feelings.

Caused 6k in damage to a motorbike of a “friend” and didn’t pay to fix it

Caused 6.2k in damage to a residence leased under 3rd wives name and refused to pay to fix it.

caused 500$ in damage to company leased apartment