Earl D Hunter, Mililani Town, Hawaii 96789

In September of 2104, Earl D Hunter, real estate investor, based in Hawaii, employed me by oral contract and verified by email to inspect a 9 unit apartment complex in Dayton, Ohio. I completed the inspection and provided Mr. Earl D Hunter with a written report of the condition of the building as per contract. He purchased the property relying on the contents of my report as a sound investment. I mailed Mr. Hunter no less than 4 invoices for $900.00, which was the agreed price for inspection of the apartments. After repeated emails and unanswered phone calls, I finally spoke to him in person. In our conversation he laughed and said “you are in Dayton, Ohio, and I am in Hawaii, why should I pay you and what are you going to do about it”. To this date Mr. Earl D Hunter has not paid the invoice or communicated with me in any way.

I believe that Mr. Earl D Hunter had no intention of paying for the service from the beginning. In my opinion Mr. Earl D. Hunter is a man of no integrity whose word is worthless and anyone contemplating doing business with Earl D. Hunter should beware.


Earl D Hunter,
95-737 Kaululena St
Mililani Town, Hawaii 96789
Phone: 808-226-4281
Email: exseabie@yahoo.com
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Website: huntersinspections.co