Heather A. Toney Mesa, AZ USA

Heather Toney of Mesa, AZ is a gross w***e who loves to ruin other peoples relationships. She is also a thief, pathological liar, drug addict and prostitute. She prostitutes herself out for drugs, a ride somewhere or a place to stay. She cheated on her last boyfriend and then turns around and starts s******g around with a man who had a longtime girlfriend. She didn’t care that he had a girlfriend, as long as she got what she wanted. And then acted like the girlfriend was trying to take him away from her!! She is trailer trash and just plain gross. Needy, clingy, whiny and an attention w***e who has been in and out of rehab and prison her whole life.

Lori Gonzalez

This Home wrecker from weslaco Texas in Hawaii not only destroyed a family with young kids with disabilities by pursuing and seducing and continuously sleeping with their father but once he lost everything and the family was destroyed and broken she was able to just move on in life with no guilt shame or feeling of loss because she lost nothing… she got to keep her job and move on to sleeping with the next guy and even sleep her way into a different job… she gets to use her work at the fairmont orchid resort as her hunting ground for trapping persuing and seducing weak men then trying to turn them against their families. She knowingly destroyed a family and because she got away with it she has no problem doing it again. Instead of having any moral values or respect for anyone and instead of doing the right thing and ending the affair she started she kept sleeping with the man. Bringing gonnarea to the family and young kids Lori Gonzalez is a discusting excuse for a woman and is a Disgrace to her family, anyone who shares her name and to Texas.

Habon Eltrieh, Edmonton, Alberta

This hoe sleeps around with married men. She knows they are married but still goes after them. She’s a good digger and a home wrecker. You can find her on Facebook under “Habon Eltrieh” and on Instagram under “Habon Moussa” on SnapChat under “bon_bon1991”
She has no heart for broken families.

Nikki L Bentz

She is a liar, a drunk, a smoker and a cheater all in the closet. She presents to the world a sweet innocent good mommy while underneath, she is a horrible person. Despite her successful business, expensive house, wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children, she felt entitled to more. She has been cheating on her husband and family for years. Her most recent affair, of this last year, has been with her high school fling, Dustin Stephenson. If you see her, please feel free to call her out on it. Also feel free to leave a 1 star rating on her business page on Facebook, Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy Center (Boise and Nampa).
Feel free to text her and tell you how you feel 208-631-7699
If you see her on the road in her new white Toyota 4 Runner feel free to honk! (plate. “ID HOME”) She often sneaks around at night after work and can been seen bar hoping to several places in Nampa, ID.

Jessica Leeanne, Raleigh, North Carolina

My x husband had an affair with this husband stealing home wrecker Jessica Leeanne of Raleigh, North Carolina. This happened one year ago, and he left me and my babies for her. It would be one thing if he left and was actually with her, but no, she was…If your a married woman and you know Jessica Leeanne, keep your man close, she will eat him up and spit him out, and you will be left with nothing, like she left me. she got herpes gave it to him and he gave it to me, she tried to blame it on me, looks like the s***k she really is, look out guys she has herpes and thinks she’s all that too.

Sarah Jenkins, La Porte, Indiana

I pushed my husband to go back to school back in 2012. I really thought he could make something of himself, I believed in him. I pushed him hard, helped him with the classes he was struggling with, and stayed behind him faithfully 100℅. Everything was great until he met Sarah Jenkins. Sarah is also married, but constantly is sneaking behind her husband’s back to sleep with multiple men…including my now ex husband. After I stood by him and worked my fingers to the bone (putting my career on the back burner in the process) to support our family he thanked me by cheating with her…for two years!!! I first found out about it when I found over 2,000 explicit Facebook messages between the two. He swore nothing physical happened, blocked her, and asked her not to speak to him anymore. Well, I found out later that never happened. She just threw herself at him even harder and they got more sneaky. She went as far as to bring my ex over to her house to hang out with her and her husband as friends. Then my husband “left” waiting around in their town of Knox, IN until her husband passed out and they would meet up and have s*x. I hope to g*d her husband sees this too! Hey Ryan, they fooled me too! I blame both her and my husband for this. It is ridiculous, and I’m sorry to anybody else who has to go through this…it is a horrendous experience. Hopefully the karma bug will bite them both soon! Oh, and to my dear soon to be ex-husband: If you were going to cheat, couldn’t you find somebody who was at least remotely good looking? You’re nasty and I hope she was worth losing your family over.

Teresa Weinmann, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

This w***e likes to take the State Car to visit married men on weekends and holidays. I am Greg H., her driver, and I have personally chauffeured her to various hotels and homes around the State. She likes to meet her men online. It doesn’t matter to her how many men she sleeps with or color of their skin, as long as they are married nor does it matter if they have a wife or children It is of no help to her to have a government social worker or State Aid for her rehabilitation programs. since they cannot control her behavior.


Leah Archer, San Diego, California

Leah Archer loves to m********e herself. She was such a s**t though. Met her through a friend, went out a couple of times, pretty good in the sack then found out she was seeing two other dudes and lying to them also.Basically a local W***e. She can drink like a pig and loves to pop pills, stupid b***h! This girl is all about the money, she lets you think she cares when your buying her stuff and taking her places but all she does is cheat. Let someone else deal with her habit.

Carmen Rosha, Schaumburg, Illinois

Carmen Rosha has slept with over 45 married men and loves to lie. She a lying cheating unfaithful w***e. She took it up the a*s then gave me head till I finished