Amanda Williams, Las Vegas, Nevada

I found out that my husband was having an affair by looking at our cell phone bill and noticing that he had been talking and texting to a phone number A LOT. I searched his phone for this number and there was no history, so I knew he was deleting it. I paid to find out who the phone number belonged to and an Amanda Williams came up. I called him on New Year’s eve while he was at work and asked him who she is. He said it was a friend and admitted to liking her. Five minutes later he admitted that they have been having sex AT WORK, in a secured RA closet. They work for a department of the DOJ and were having sex at the office during work hours! This whore went after a MARRIED man with THREE young children! She is married herself, and is 25 (maybe 26) years old now, with no children. It is one thing to be unhappy with your own marriage, but to go after a married man with babies, who does that?! After everything went down with finding out about the affair, they continued to talk and tell each other they loved each other, even after I told him I was willing to forgive him. About a week later I finally get in touch with the whore’s husband and he tells me that she told him New Years Day, because she was afraid I would tell him first. After talking to each other we found out information they were both hiding from us and slut hit the fan for my husband again. But I found out that all the dirty pictures she sent my husband, she was sending to her own husband! And even after she told my husband to not have sex with me, his wife, anymore, she was still going home and having sex with her own husband. And he said that she told him that she was basically using my husband to feel sexy and spice up her sex life. DISGUSTING PIG whore. She is ugly and absolutely revolting. After about 5 months and marriage counseling, we are doing better. But they have both ruined so much. I hope this reputation follows her around forever. Once a whore, always a whore.