Chalita Kaewdee, Phuket, Thailand

This is Chalita Kaewdee Director of Revenue Management at Hilton Phuket in Thailand.

She sometimes go by the names, Chalie, Jalie, Kim. Her usernames are as follows: Jalie Kiss / jalie.wd (FB), jaliekd (Twitter/Instagram/Smule, YouTube), Jalien (Twitter), jalienkd (Pinterest)

Her email is

Mobile #: +66815713003

She is the biggest and ugliest slut in Phuket, Thailand and preys on married men…well, pretty much anyone who has a thing dangling between their legs.

She pretends to be in her 30s – she is shy because she is an old maid and as you can see, an ugly one at that….but she is in fact in her mid 40s. Thanks to Photoshop and filters LOL

She brought this on herself…this type of woman (she does not deserve to be called one) deserves to be exposed.