Heather Herpes Trobaugh

Heather Trobaugh is a mentally ill lady! She wants what she can’t have! She will terrorize you whole family (wife, kids, job, co-workers). I made the mistake of sleeping with her (she used to dance on the side for a friend) and I thought why not!!! Big huge mistake. She came to my house she danced on the side for a little extra cash, a couple weeks later and a few dances later I ended up sleeping with her. A couple weeks after I slept with her she called and told me she “just found out she had herpes” well she didn’t get it from me because I didn’t have s*x for 2 years at that time. I messed up and my wife was ill! She then found my wife on Facebook and messaged her and my teen age kids. Just be ware! She wants wht she can’t have and will stop at nothing to break up a relationship. She is also married. She has lost 2 of her 3 kids and is mentally abusive to the other. She needs help! Where is her family?!?!?! It’s sick!!

Justin samaan Haddad Glendale, AZ, USA

I was with this, I’ll caLloyd him “individual” for quite a looong time. Too long for that matter. Let me start off by saying I knew he was crazy from very beginning, but I went against what my instincts told me for short term happiness. Ino the beginning he was so loving, charming, caring..did everything you’d think a guy loves you for and feeling bad you don’t feel the same back towards him. For a long time I didn’t love myself so I didn’t know what love really looked like. I struggled with figuring out if he even loved me at all since he said I love you in the first week of us dating. How is it possible to love someone so quickly without even knowing a thing about them i thought to myself..but he always assured me so hard of how much he truly loved me..it left me confused and feeling like s**t. He always only was nice to me to have s*x and it took me years to realize this. He always assured me he’d never cheat or lie to me because he doesn’t like to feel that feeling that he’s hiding something or a bad person..so I believed him..espically since he said he had never chested in the past and all his ex girlfriends we’re not even comparable to me..looks wise. I wanted to believe but I was always skeptical because of his actions went against what he had always said. In the very beginning of our relationship I found him commenting on another girls Meetme saying some foul nasty comments about the way she looked and it was a provocative picture. From there I ended everything. But the fact he gave me so much attention and “love”..3 days later I took him back because I “missed him” lol actually he just had the best dingaling I had had yet. A few more months into our relationship he was getting these texts from an ex who was calling him baby and all these things and he had deleted their previous convo so I knew some thing was wrong. When I asked him he got so scared, defensive, and tried to convince me nothing happened and he just did that to save me from getting hurt and he had told her not to call him that. From then on I knew he was a pos. By that time I was already pregnant so I couldn’t leave. He got me pregnant on his own, knowingly, without my knowledge or approvement. I was confused for a few weeks thinking, “is he c*****g in me? No why would he do that and not say anything?” But the second I asked him I got this silence and funny smile back i knew he was and I FREAKED OUT needless to say. He admitted he had been doing it for weeks. I knew at that moment for sure I was pregnant. I knew I wasn’t ready, the day I found out I actually was I cried..not from excitement but of despair and disappointment. I knew he wasn’t who I wanted to have my baby with..I hated him for getting me pregnant the entire pregnancy I was just angry..plus his whole family thought I did it on purpose and it was my fault but I couldn’t tell anyone..they all hated me but acted nice fakely in my face always giving snarky remarks to try to bring me down. Anyways back to the point.. last year my mother died. It was the roughest time for me. I did not how to handle it, I took a lot of that anger out on him because he had not let me be close with her since I got with him. He had me isolate myself from all friends and family putting negative thoughts in my brain. I had a lot of resentment towards him for the way he treated my mom and how I could never see her. I felt all alone. I just wanted to die, so I tried to get him to kill me. I purposely would try to have him catch me talking to other guys so he would attack me and after the first few times I realized he would never actually kill me. I stopped trying to get him to hurt me..but it kept going on..only getting worse and worse. I felt helpless. Not old had I lost my mom, my protector, my everything, I was getting beaten for the “fun” of it just to still feel alive. I tried to get away..but when he found out he turned into the sweet loving Justin all over again.. he couldn’t stand the fact someone treating me how I actually deserved to be treated. About a month or two goes by..nothings changed, of course only getting worse with the beating. It was literally daily something would happen. I started keeping pictures and videos of what he would do to me so at least I’d have proof of that.. I might not get to record the way he talked to me or yelled at me everyday but the marks were easy to photograph. Begging ofor this year, 2017 I got the best surprise. I found all his texts with him cheating on me. I couldn’t believe it..the very thing he said he would NEVER do..he was doing. And for a long time. He would go to lunch with them buying them food..texting them while he would be buying us all food in the morning saying he could have gotten them something..asking for pictures, receiving, asking to have play dates with our children together? I was DISGUSTED. I tried to screenshot them all so I could send theme to his mom but it was 3 in the morning and I only got like an hour or two of sleep..so I was shaking so bad I could barley even keep my eyes open. I ended up locking the screen on accident. I didn’t know what to do, if I should kill him in his sleep or blast him or what revenge was best? I calmed myself down best I could and I started spending all his amazon gift cards online. Buying anything I could just so he had nothing lefto on them. I rubbed his toothbrush on my dirty a*s and puccay, I felt great bUT still wasn’t enough. When he woke up he knew I had found the texts.. I tried to stay calm but after all the s**t he had put me through I just got up and started wailing on him. Taking oit all my anger and heverything didn’t stop me because he knew how wrong he was. I didn’t have s*x with him for 3 months and still I don’t feel that was enough, I ended up giving up because I was tired of him trying and me refusing. It had become a guilt trip on me. This guy is everything YOU DON’T WANT in your life. He’s a self centered narccisit on every level. I wouldn’t trust him if my life depended on it. He comes off very sweet and charming to people on the outside but he’s much darker than he seems. He has nothing good in him but hate for himself, and the entire world. He doesn’t respect anyone or even himself, parents included. I’ve even told them about some of the things hes done to me, dad doesn’t care at all, mom thinks she has control over him but literally has no say in how he truly is. He doesn’t listen to either of them or nobody but himself. He’s never wrong and is infamous for making everyone feelse like s**t who’s around him. He drained me of my life, my youth, my sanity, my health. Did I mention he gave me herpes? Without me knowing he had it? Before our daughters 2nd birthday. He had it for that long and I never caught it in the 2 plus years of us dating.. I was so confused of whether or not he created on me or not during that time.,but the research that I had done told me guys can carry it without little to no symptoms without even knowing they have it..until a flare up occurs. Still not sure about that one but luckily I’ve learned it is treatable you can get rid of it. In beggining, when I found out I felt like I was dead for a few weeks. But through all his pain and suffering I’ve learned how to be stronger than I ever thought was possible. I’ve learned what true happiness is and how to love myself for everything that I am. AVOID THIS MAN at all costs.

Kazen, marquell burke. Hampton. Virginia US

This guy is a sociopath. Crazy part is he works with mentally ill people! Please leave this guy alone because to top it off he gave me HERPES. He’s on dating websites too so beware! He’s going to seem so perfect at first but he is a monster.

Kazen, marquell burke. Hampton. Virginia US

This guy is a sociopath. Crazy part is he works with mentally ill people! Please leave this guy alone because to top it off he gave me HERPES. He’s on dating websites too so beware! He’s going to seem so perfect at first but he is a monster.

Kazen, marquell burke. Hampton. Virginia US

This guy is a sociopath. Crazy part is he works with mentally ill people! Please leave this guy alone because to top it off he gave me HERPES. He’s on dating websites too so beware! He’s going to seem so perfect at first but he is a monster.

Mistress Tissa Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia trans Dominatrix Mistress Tissa gave me an STI and has now destroyed my health, my marriage and my life. Granted I paid for our “date” as she is a provider but people need to be warned about what “she” really is and what she did. A paid provider is still a relationship.
I’ve been doing BDSM sessions for over twenty years but I did have to take a two year break due to family issues.I was very excited to see this new Dominatrix in Philadelphia. Tissa is new to the scene but seemed professional. The first big flag (shoulda ran then) was when I contacted her on her website the only way to get a session was to PAY for the phone call to set up the session through Niteflirt. I should’ve passed right then as that seems a bit over the top for screening but she was nice on the phone and also promised that one of my kinks would be the best and most realistic and rewarding that I ever had. (pegging), All the other Mistresses I had contacted in Philly were busy and I was really itching for a session since it had been too long
I arrive at her dungeon Temenos in Philadelphia. She definitely doesnt look nearly as inviting as her pictures portray and there was something really really off about her but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
There was an odd odor and her eyes were bloodshot. There was no sexual energy about her at all and she seemed to be going through the motions. Even noticed her looking at the clock numerous times which really irked me as I felt rushed and ripped off as this is disingenuous. There was some flogging, bondage and then she started “prepping” me for strap on. I had asked her to please go very gentle as it had been years since I had a strap on and that was not respected. I tried to endure it the best I could but not only was it painful and uncomfortable but something didnt feel right at all. I chalked that up to my being “out of the loop” for that activity for a long time and called my safeword and ended the session
This was the most horrifying experience ever and soon you will see why. Five days later my a*s is burning and itching and only got worse. The burning became unbearable and I made an appointment with my DR. I went in to see him and get testing done. Long story short, “Mistress” Tissa gave me Herpes II. That was NOT a strap on, she is a transexual and gave me an STI. I would NEVER had seen a Trans. I only like natural born real women, Not only was I deceived, ripped off and raped (by deceit) I AM NOW SICK. I now have a sickness that I will have for the rest of my life. My wife will probably divorce me and I will lose my wife and kids. Tissa has absolutely RUINED my life! Avoid this highly unethical and disgusting “Dominatrix” provider at all costs.


Akayla zria ginesta has herpes and doesn’t tell you until you hit definitely not worth it, She’ll be with someone else in a month. Loose, smelly if you’re with her I feel bad for you..

Joseph Lee McCarty

Joe MCCarty. Once a player always a player. I’ve known him for a number of years, and he’s always been into multiple women. He lies, he cheats, and I wouldn’t let my dogs fleas near him bc they’d probably get an STD.
He refuses to wear a condom, and he lies about himself, his past and present relationships.
I’ve never known him to he as heartless as he was to his last girlfriend. He said he loved her, moved right in and took care of her and her baby, he lied about his sexual history, and once she was in love and questioned his suspicious c**p, he ignored her for days and called at least two other women to have s*x with. He didn’t break up with her tho, and when he went back, he lied and said he hadn’t been with anyone, hadn’t flirted or texted anyone ether. Thank G*d she checked his phone. I’ve seen him cheat on others, but he slept with her and his side chick on a regular basis, while flirting w a number of other women, and he bragged about it the whole time. He said he “had this one hooked” and he was going to use her till she didn’t have anything left. He bragged about how she would have his kid, and that she loved him so she would never suspect or follow through with figuring out who else he was sleeping with. Also bragging about the other 4 women he was flirting with at his church and how they all trusted him bc of his volunteering and bc he’d take his daughter with him to go hang out.
He also brags about all the money he has bc he collects unemployment while working and doesn’t report his income to them or the IRS, and he gets food stamps…meanwhile he spends money like it’s water. He used the unemployment to make payments on his felony charges too.
When he told me she flipped out on him and was suicidal, I told him to leave her alone, but he continued to lie, and cheat on her for the next 3 weeks knowing her state of mind and bragging about his control over her and her life.
Even having known him for a long time, I was grossed out and disgusted by his disregard for her well being, and for her children.
He won’t change. Pretty sure he has at least one STD, and he will lie about everything to get what he wants.

Terri Duffack Oriential Trading Company W***e

Watch out this part time piece of total garbage has several sexually transmitted diseases and is out to steal from you. She once own the Cross Roads Gym but had been fire from several car dealership and now down to part time phone answering at the Oriental Trading Company. Stay away from this complete diseased s**t for your own health. Danger Danger Danger her boyfriend is a child molester named Mike Hansen who sell cars at Corwin Toyota. Danger Danger Danger.

Eric, Maricelli. Los Angeles & San Diego. California

This guy cheated on me 10 days ago saying he was going out of town on a trip to east coast come to find out he went to visit his Ex Wife And Girlfriend he meant six weeks ago on a dating website called POF!!!!!!! This Eric Guy is a liar cheater and has about 50 STDs that he swears he don’t have ! This JERK is a musclebound steroid druggie FREAK and if you get too close to him he might even come to your house and hunt you down threatening to beat you up!!!!! I had to file a restraining order on him a few weeks ago while he was stalking me for my home!! STAY AWAY from the Psycho!!!! To make things worse Eric was sleeping with four of my friends who attended the same school as him. And has treated them the same way or in fact worst!!!!! I’m now out 4500$ for all the test’s he made me go through and shovel out from dr bills etc. WOMEN PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY STALKER ERIC MARICELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Butler Cambridge UK

Jonathan Butler from Cambridge UK has s*x with underage girls. He requests 12 year old prostitutes at brothels in cities like New York.

Jonathan Butler has herpes virus on his genitalia.

Shannon Elysia Hamelin Edson, Alberta Canada

Shannon Elysia Hamelin born on January 23rd 1984 in London, Ontario

She is the oldest of three kids, and definitely the dirtiest.

Shannon is a child in a 32 year old woman’s body and it definitely shows in her life choices.

In the first four months of our relationship she was sending naughty and nude pictures to ex boyfriends and other men. I had to purchase a phone tracker to prove it but I did. We were able to get her to stop doing it and I moved past it. Then after that she admitted to me that she had genital herpes. This is something she should have told me in the beginning but by this point I was madly in love with her and if I could forgive her for sending pictures I could forgive her for not telling me right away.

The next four months was nothing but pure emasculation. I was made to feel little about how much I made because I worked a lot. Said I could never look after her, said I was a loser and her last boyfriend was so much better than me. Christmas rolls around and I drop over 400 bucks on the girl (remember at the time I was lucky to make 1800 a month and a whole family to buy for including a new one) on things she wanted that I had noticed when we would be out but she was mad at me. Mad at me because I didn’t buy her a Tiffany’s necklace like her brother in law did for her younger sister.

I work in the hospitality industry so I had to work New Years of 2014. She threatened to go see a different ex in Toronto so I walked out on my job, something I have never ever done in my f*****g life so I could spend it with her.

I had a new job within 10 days and her birthday was around the corner. She likes to get plastic surgery (cheek injections) and I somehow managed to come with 800 dollars for her. Which wasn’t appreciated one bit.

We decided Alberta was the place to be, as I worked in the oilpatch before and the money was way better than my barely above living wage in Ontario. She disrespected the rules of my buddy’s house in Alberta by leaving garbage around, dirty dishes everywhere, not cleaning up after herself and being genuinely rude. So within 6 weeks I got my own vehicle again (sold mine in Ontario when we left) so I didn’t have to use her car (she thought it was rude of me to use her vehicle) and got us an apartment.

The only things she had to pay for was her loans and car insurance.

Now I will admit I ended up getting into the cocaine and p**n became easier then dealing with her, so my addictions got the better of me. During this time she started sleeping with her new boyfriend, Devon Ludwig. One day we did have s*x and she neglected to inform me she was having a herpes outbreak and passed the disease onto me, all while she was sleeping with her new guy.

I moved to Quebec to set us up a life where I was home every night and every weekend to spend more time with her. I left her in Alberta, covering three months of rent of her in total, to set us up. She sent a text message saying it was over the day before her birthday, just as I had everything almost set up for us.

But what gets me is that From March 2015 to February 2016 I put a roof over her head, pot in her purse, and food in the fridge. This is the first time she has not lived in her parents’ house. I showed her how to pay bills, and how to get by without mommy and daddy and she repays me by being unfaithful and giving me an incurable disease.

This woman won’t tell you she has herpes and she won’t use a condom. She is a serial cheater and somebody that should be charged with assault.

I am far from perfect but I was always taught during the hard times are when you try to help your partner, and she has always been more concerned with herself. I always had her back, no matter what, I burnt friendships and work relationships for her. She can make you feel like a million dollars but if she needed 20 bucks and you gave her 10 because it was all you had, she would pick the guy who has 200 bucks and will only give her that 20.

Run men, run. If you have slept with her get yourself tested. Now.

Nicky Jones, Wabash, Indiana

Nicky Jones will use you while she f***s everything with a d**k, after we started dating I found out that she was cheating with two other homies at the same time. Ive been f*****g her on a steady basis along with some other guys I know. I still cant believe her boyfriend that she is engaged hasn’t found out since multiple guys are c*****g inside her weekly. Never met a girl who would suck you off and then want you to stick it in her p***y while you were c*****g. She will suck any c**k for 10 dollars.. Nicky is a Hoe and S**t and she is a S***k Has Herpes and will not tell you rather. You f**k with this chick you better get your junk checked. I received funk and she claimed to be a virgin. This chick has one stinky assed box… unbearable!

Michael James Bergin, Poughkeepsie NY

My relationship with Michael progressed very quickly. Within just three months of talking he moved from out-of-state to be with me. He told me he wanted to marry me, have children with me, and have a future with me. I hung onto every word.
Things started to go to s**t just as quickly. One of his “friends” who admitted to being in love with him messaged him one night and they were fighting; she told him she always found it funny that when he and I were first dating, prior to his moving here, he would lay in bed with and make out with her. He denied this, of course.
Within the months we did not live together he constantly hung out with other women, would lie to me about where he was, and upon further searching through his facebook (after the face) I found that he was leading some these girls on and definitely cheating on me with them.
He hit on his sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s friend who is only 17 years old, saying he wanted to spank her and see her a*s.
He was talking to a woman who lived down by his sister in Tennessee, telling her he was obsessed with her, and told her and some other people that he would be moving down there as soon as he had money for a bus ticket. He told people this for nearly a month before I kicked him out; and the whole time he was still sleeping in my bed, telling me he loved me and wanted to work on things.
He spoke to other women CONSTANTLY, and usually inappropriately. He knew this made me uncomfortable and did nothing to resolve the situation.
Before we hooked up I was honest with him and told him that I had previously contracted vaginal Herpes, and he had no issue with that. Turns out he didn’t mind because he has them himself; but he’ll never admit to that.
I also knew from his previous ex that he had Hepatitis C, but he never disclosed that information to me on his own. Realistically, if he doesn’t get it taken care of soon, he will die.
He also told me he was sober from heroin but he relapsed at least four times that I’m sure of while we were together.
He has three children by three different mothers, and currently has nothing to do with any of his children. He refuses to even work on the books because he doesn’t want to have child support taken out of his checks.
His youngest child’s mother was choked and had things thrown at her by him when she was pregnant. I have seen copies of the police reports (which contained testimony from two witnesses), and in them he admits everything to the officers. She currently has a restraining order against him because when things started to go south I messaged her for advice and she warned me about him. I told him some of the things she said and he messaged and threatened both her and her boyfriend.
Michael was adopted by rich people and has been given a free ride his entire life. He is 36 f*****g years old and is going nowhere. He very obviously used me for a roof over his head and food in his belly; this is apparently just what he does. In the six months that I knew him he moved at least 6 times, jumping from place to place to whomever was willing to take care of him and put up with his s**t.
There is much, much more, but please, if you come across Michael James Barnabas Bergin–run. He is an emotional vampire; a sociopath–I gave him everything I could have, without question. I believed every word he said although I was warned by so many people prior to us getting together. He has left me a wreck, and I can assure he will do the same to you.


Brian Colby Miller, Al Miller, Lisa Gomez Miller, 303 Geneseo St, Apt A Lafayette CO

Brian Miller has been f*****g me for about two years and his dad Al Miller wanted to join in but A is disabled and only has one leg and was acting very strange. I thought is was bizarre a 62 year old man wanted to f**k a 24 year old with his son but Al said he liked Mexican women and anybody eas better then his wife Pam. He said he wasn’t getting s*x at home at all and he wanted a threesome with me and Brian so we went for it but then Brian says he has herpes and I am mad at him because I think I got the herpes also now. Al his dad jes laugh saying he had STDs and thats all he expected from cheap shores like me. Brian will f**k me anywhere but mostly in my car and when he can get away from his wife Lisa Gomez. She is the one that gave the herpes to Brian. Then she had a baby and now Brian says he don’ thave time for f*****g me anymore I just wanted to wrn all the people out there about this guy i loved f*****g Brian i loved his c**k deep inmy p***y