Vernon Matthew Blazor, Boise, Idaho

Vernon Matthew Blazor D.O.B. 5/5/1987 may seem charming and sweet cause h**l tell you everything you want to hear. However all he wants to do is f**k and rob you and everything you love. He hunts for single moms or broken women and ruins life’s He will pretend to love you and care about you long enough to get his claws in then he shreds you to pieces. He steals anything not bolted down from you your friends family, even his family and friends. He stole from his dear little grandma and his own mother. He lies constantly about everything under the sun. He tries to alienate you from friends and family. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends or family cause he doesn’t want people to find out his lies, but you will because he is very stupid and careless. He has attacked many women and left one disabled. He cheats every chance he gets online phone in person. He is diseased although h**l lie and say his blood type is immune to cheat. He will ruin your life and laugh. DO NOT LET HIM IN HE IS THE EPITOME OF EVIL.