Ricardo Pichardo, El Paso, Texas

I met Ricardo Jose Pichardo Ric on Craigslist. He posted an ad saying how lonely he was and how tired of drama he was. I responded and we began our conversation and friendship. We met, and were just in a friendship type of relationship though we slept together. After a couple of months, he asked me out, introduced me to his family and I became his girlfriend. Not too long after, I found out he was still talking to his ex girlfriend. The one who had broken his heart. He broke up with me, quite suddenly and I found out later that he went out of town with her. I found out I was pregnant, he kept on dating me, while he made her wife. He interrupts my relationships, by calling and texting me and has asked to sleep with me since, but tells her I wont stop texting him. This caused her to call me, curse me out (she never gave me a chance to speak) and then hang up on me. She doesn’t even realize that he has slept with me several times behind her back.