Joseph (Joe) Lee McCarty Tulsa, OK USA

I dated Joe MCCarty for the last 6 mo until I found proof he was cheating on me. Normally I would leave it at that…but I found texts in his phone to at least 8 different women he’s been flirting and/or sleeping with… Most of them from church (lifechurch in Midtown, at 41st and Sheridan where he volunteers and greets and is trying to become a mentor for new believers…)
Even then, I wouldn’t normally do anything, but he gave me Herpes. I told him I tested positive and he acted like it wasn’t any big deal…which means he knows he has it and he lies and doesn’t care who he gives it to. He told me he hadn’t been with anyone since his relationship of 8 years, but hed slept with numerous women before me and while we were dating…and is always trying to line up his next victim.

I have three kids, including a son w autism, and a 7 mo old who he called “My baby” and told me she would say Daddy before she said Mama. Asked me to go off my BC so I could have his baby…and then I find out he’s talking to multiple women the whole time, and then about a month ago that he gave me herpes.
Its not a curable disease…and it’s rocked my world trying to handle that, plus I have some post partum depression, and the fact that I loved him found out and he is a liar and a cheater has completely crushed me. He prowls the church to find women to take advantage of, and I felt like I needed to warn everyone.
I’m not dating him anymore, and I’ve blocked his number and everything.
I’m crushed, but I’m more worried about him taking advantage, and spreading herpes to who knows how many other women and messing with their kids heads.
I’ve spoken with several women and he’s slept w at least 3 when we were together. He knew about my ex who was an alcoholic, and a cheater, and he said he was sorry someone would treat me in such a manner…I found out less than an hour later he’d done the same thing.

Hell tell you he loves you, that your eyes are beautiful, ask you to go to Turkey Mountain to go running or to ride bikes. When I asked who one girl was he said some ugly chick he used to run w at Turky Mtn… that he never had anything w her, wasn’t attracted to her, and hadn’t seen her in more than a year. When I spoke to her, they had dated, he practically lived with her, and he’d seen her less than two weeks prior when he tried to get her to sleep with him on my birthday. When she said no, he told her he loved her. I told one of the girls that story, and 15 min after I called and told him I knew about his lies, he texted her and asked her to go running w him at turkey mountain. He also calls his daughter Turkey…I don’t think that’s coincidence.
Another woman he dated and claimed to be friends wth was described to me as an ugly crazy redhead that he was never involved with. And when I asked if he dated people from church, he said no that’s asking for drama and trouble.

He sends messages to women asking if they want to make out, or saying he wants to cuddle…meaning come over and have sex. One woman, Taryn, knew about me and continued to sleep with him while we were together…the Others were just disgusted. He also has a 10 year old daughter who he doesn’t hesitate to expose to all these different women.
He rides BMX, and travels a lot to races. He also invites women and their kids to his races.
He’s been drawing unemployment for more than a year, while working doing remodeling…none of which he reports to the IRS, and also collects food stamps. He uses the extra money to pay for his racing, and to buy toys for his daughter, like a $6-800 gokart, and $450 tires for his off-road jeep. He also gets money from his mother.
I am dealing w post partum depression, and when I found out about a woman he’d been texting I kind of lost it and became suicidal…I have a LOT of messed up stuff going on in my life in addition to his crap and him giving me herpes… he told me I was weak minded and pathetic. When I called for an ambulance to come pick me up, he made me cancel it.
He cares about no one but himself, he is a pathological liar, and will look u in the eye when he does it. Hell call u crazy for questioning him. And says he’s NOT everything that he embodies in reality. Do not trust him, do NOT sleep with him, and if you have go get tested immediately. He has no age boundaries, the women spanned the ages of 22-42. He will sleep with anyone and not use a condom…and if you tell him to, he’ll say it slipped off.
He will want to be with you ALL the time at first, and claim he loves the affection…but it won’t take long and he’ll start to withhold it and make you feel like ur crazy for wanting it again. He’ll leave his phone in the car, or if you see a message he’ll say they’re just friends…when in reality he’s either sleeping with them or trying to. Hell call you crazy, say you’re stirring the pot, or causing drama, and he doesn’t do drama…
He had me over one night and we were having sex and he left the door open knowing hIs friends would he back soon. They came home and of course saw us…he then joked about passing me around to his friends.
He’s not on Facebook because it would be too easy for him to get caught.
I honestly think he might be gay and just wants another kid. I loved him…but NO ONE deserves to be exposed to his lies and emotional and mental abuse. He beats the crap out of his dog (who now snaps at children, including biting my 7 mo old baby), and had a protective order against him for throwing his daughter out of anger, for which he had to go to anger management and has limited visitation now. He also has a criminal felony on his record for stealing a motorcycle…which he claims he wasn’t privy to…but he plead guilty and just paid off the fines earlier this year.
He claims his daughters mom is crazy and out to get him…he said they’d just had a one night stand… he also told a girlfriend that he was breaking up w her bc his ex was pregnant…but apparently his ex didn’t want anything to do with him and she didn’t have a baby. He continued to be the ex’s “friend” and would call her and ask her to come over to make out or cuddle. Including on my birthday, when he told her to take her clothes off at the door. Then he claimed he hadn’t seen her in more than a year, even after I sent him the screenshot of his texts to her and had her on speaker phone. We were just both crazy and need help.

He likes to answer the phone saying “chocolate sexual lovers hotline” and things of that nature. If you confront him about his negative behavior he will completely ignore you for days to weeks…until he wants sex again. When he does contact you he’ll tell you ‘I’m not like that, you don’t have to worry, OK?’ He’ll end his lies with OK? Leaving little room to argue or disagree… he’s a well practiced manipulator and he preys on vulnerable women, especially single mothers. And being married doesn’t mean ur off limits either. But he’s very active in his church (lifechurch midtown at 41st and Sheridan) and that’s how he gains trust.

DO urself a favor and if you run across him, just punch him in the face for what he would have done to you and whoever else he’s lying to at the time, and run in the other direction.

He is a predator, liar, and a narcissist…a sociopath with no emotional capability.

If he’s played you, please make your own report.

He looks attractive in this photo…he has red hair and a beard right now. His hair is long on top and he has a combover. He lives in Midtown, near 21/Yale. And drives a silver Jetta wagon, or a dark color jeep with the giant tires. He also has a white corvette that’s always in his driveway.