DaJuan “DJ” Houston. Woodland Hills, Ca

DaJuan Houston also known as DJ is a manipulative, lying, cheating, individual.
He claims he is single, yet he lives with his pregnant fiancé and her parents & their 3 yr old child in her parents home in Woodland Hills, ca.
He just recently got an apartment in shitty north Hollywood & uses that apartment as his “bachelor pad” to commit all his dirt & seduce & manipulate women into having sex with him. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear, take you out to dinner, & if he doesn’t succeed in getting you into his bed the first time, he won’t stop until he does.
Even when confronted with the truth regarding his situation, he will contribute to lie & make up stories to cover the lies.
He is not a good person & is heartless.
He cares about no one but pleasing his sexual desires.
His charm quickly fades & he is verbally abusive & a con man.
Stay Away!