Christina Johnson of Phuket, Thailand

Christina Johnson aka Tina Johnson from St. Petersburg Florida but resides in Phuket Thailand (, 34, is a cheater, a pathological liar, SCAM artist and fake. This woman is ridiculous! Avoid this woman at ALL cost. She is immature but claims to be independent while living off men from the United States. She targets men who are the giving type. She will maintain long term contact with multiple men at the same time. I managed to get hold of her Facebook account and notice that I wasn’t the only one sending her money. I have sent this woman over $4000 for citizenship, passport, food, rent and airline ticket to come back to the United States. I was under the assumption that we would spend the rest of our life together and start a family! Tina Johnson only cares about Tina Johnson. She will NEVER care about you only your money. PLEASE beware of this woman and DO NOT SEND any money. Be careful, this woman is a GOLD DIGGER!