Jacob Lee Sherwood, Shelbyville Indiana USA

This is regarding Jacob Lee Sherwood (from Connersville, Shelbyville, Rushville Indiana area) D.O.B. 5/2/78, aka Jake Sherwood

I just want to warn women out there that this guy is a coward and cold-hearted!

Jacob and I had LIFE PLANS. We were in the midst of moving in together and were supposed to be getting married. He was always sweet and attentive and the things he would say never made me feel like he was anything but honest and supportive.

One weekend I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. He claims his daughter hid his phone. In retrospect, I now doubt this. Didn’t think much of it at the time, because it seemed like something she’d do.
Then a week and a half later he sent me a text one day letting me know what he had been up to and that he was taking a nap. Sent me an emoji kiss and we were discussing houses to move into in the area we had picked. Everything seemed fine and dandy.

I never heard from him or saw him again. Absolutely no explanation, no reason, nothing….

I’m not blocked from his number, he didn’t change his number, I can still call, but he won’t answer or respond. I went looking for him, never found him. I really would have never thought he’d do such a thing. He was always so brutally honest and seemed so sincere. I was really afraid at first that something bad had happened. He obviously doesn’t want me to find him though. And at this point he wouldn’t want me to find him anyway.

I now have reason to believe he was seeing someone else. I won’t go into details about it, but I just want to warn any woman involved with him that he is a despicable coward. He almost caused my children and I to be homeless. Not to mention disappearing from someone’s life after making plans like that is just beyond horrible. Not having closure sucks. I hope he understands he is not making anything easier on himself either by “ghosting” out. He’ll have to deal with it some day. I am grateful things turned out the way they did before it was too late though. I would have had his head if my babies didn’t have a roof over their heads.