Brent Thomas Sutherlin Bloomington, Indiana

Brent Sutherlin is a liar and manipulator. He was seeing at least one other woman behind my back and kept telling me they were “just friends.” He is also a leach. He used both of us just to get free meals at restaurants, and have a place to sleep, etc. He is technically homeless, and can’t hold a job and is using any woman he can right now to get a free ride. He is also using his sob story of how bad his ex was to him to get sympathy and wrangle women in.

Beware of him! He has a temper and if you call him out on his BS, he gets mad and turns everything around on you like it’s all your fault.

I am pretty sure he is currently seeing yet another woman, so be warned. He is still talking to that ex that was “so bad” to him too…he wants her back.