Cheyenne Armstrong Fort Wayne IN

My ex girlfriend Cheyenne Armstrong (AKA Sloppy Joe) has s*x with 60 year old bull legged men for hand fulls of pills.
She was dating 3 guys at the same time.
She has 3 kids by 3 different guys. She doesn’t even know who the father of her last child is because she slept with 5 guys within a week.
She is a toothless, anorexic, gutterslut that has a nasty gaping, sloppy v****a infested with Hep C, and who knows what else. DO NOT SLEEP WITH THIS HOE!!!
She will have s*x with you for $15 too, but save your money, and your pills. It isn’t worth it.
She is a thief.
She is a liar.
She is a pill w***e.
She is a useless waste of space. She doesn’t cook, clean, shower, work, take care of her kids, clean her b**t crack, or anything.
She has a nasty vag. She has never douched.
She has poor hygiene.
She refuses to shave her nasty hairy cootchie. She looks like Sasquatch.
She is anorexic.
She lost every tooth in her face because she doesn’t brush her teeth.

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Ashley Fenker, Fort Wayne, Indiana – W***e

First of all Ashley Fenker cheated on me, I thought we had something special until I found out her only specialty is f*****g black guys. You could drive a truck through this s****h. This dirty, smelly s**t b***h has a she keeps her p***y really hairy and it smells like tuna i f****d this hoe 10 times. I hate that w***e.