Davina Marshall, Garmouth, Moray, Fochabers, Scotland

So Davina Marshall decided to cheat with a convicted drug dealer and not the first time she has cheated either. After which she spun a web of lies to family and friends to attempt to cover up the cheating. she has lied so much now I think she may actually believe it. By the looks of the guy she cheated with I guess she has herpes or some other STD now as he looked rather like a tramp, most likely the drugs and cheap buckfast drink that was scattered around the place they were shagging that has done his looks a turn for the worse. So he was just an “old school friend” was he? Or are you just a tramp that is loose to any old ugly mug.

Well done Davina for wrecking your family for a convicted drug dealer who has spent time in prison for dealing Class A drugs, the most serious sort in the UK. What a wonderful mother and partner you are. NOT. Stay clear folks, she cheated on her last boyfriend also.