Dennis Neal Claytor – Mims, Florida USA

Watch out for this one! Not only is he a cheater, but he is also violent. Dennis Neal Claytor has been arrested for Battery/Domestic Violence, and he was also arrested in the act of buying s*x from an illegal prostitute.

Dennis Neal Claytor is a 53 year old male from Mims, Florida. He was born in April 1964. Claytor is originally from the Roanoke area of Virginia. He may also live in Virginia, from time to time. Dennis Neal Claytor is known as “Neal” to his family and others who know him.

Neal Claytor is a creep and a predator. He is abusive to women and has a s*x addiction. Claytor has been arrested more than once, because of his violence and his strong, sexual appetite. He was arrested last year for Battery/Domestic Violence. Years before that, he was arrested for Lewd Behavior/Prostitution. Neal Claytor is so hard up for raunchy s*x, that he will risk getting arrested, just to buy it illegally. He does not need any alcohol or drugs to spike his violent streak and perversion, for he is that way, naturally. He’s always wanting some.

Dennis Neal Claytor married an underage girl years ago. During the time he was married to her, he stalked and harassed other women. Back before people had Caller-ID on their telephones, Neal always made heavy breather, obscene phone calls to girls that he wanted, but couldn’t have. Neal Claytor was very abusive and controlling over his young wife. This led to a divorce, years later. His children were taken away from him and were raised by the kids’ mother. The mother remarried and then the kids also had a stepfather there for them. The stepfather adopted the children and gave them his last name. That normally does not happen, unless the birth father was neglectful, abusive, or both!

The mugshots/police records (which are found online) give you all the proof you need about this perverted predator. He’s toxic! Avoid this nasty individual! Dennis Neal Claytor is a sick mess and a dirty old man. Stay away from him!

United States

This married man cheated on and abused my friend (his wife) and their kids for over a year. He was arrested for domestic violence after he was the one that called 911 and lied to the cops saying she hit and kicked him! What man tries to put his wife and mother of his kids in jail for nothing?! He’s a complete psycho. She has to get a permanent restraining order against him bc he was threatening to try to do it again and she also has 100% custody of the baby.
He has been on dating sites like bumble and tinder the entire time they’ve been married. She found him and his 10
Year old pathetic “modeling” pics online! He has been talking to and cheating on her with anything that has t**s and a p***y and we also believe even a p***s! He is totally addicted to s*x, makes videos of himself masturbating in their marital bed during a weekday while my gf is at work and the babysitter is downstairs with the kids! Then he watches himself and will m********e to them and then he sends them to men and women on the internet for money. He’s a total narcissist. He also will m********e with a “pocket p***y” and a fake silicon body of a woman. Hes so sick. He is a pathological liar. He will lie and tell everyone and every girl he’s trying to screw that he is a successful business owner and will brag about how much money he makes. Not true. He takes money from innocent people and then disappears with it and uses it to pay his own bills or to go shopping. He has $100k in credit card debt, no money in the bank and he can’t even make his car payments but he can go out every weekend drinking and partying with douchebags just like him! He won’t financially help my
Gf with their baby either. He has refused to see their daughter and always has a “reason” why. But if you go to his social media he makes sure he at Least gets the token selfie of him and her so people think he’s the great dad. Such a joke. He’s the worst dad ever. My gf caught him cheating multiple times with multiple women. He put a tracker on my GFs car, he has stolen her car keys 5-6 times which cost about $300 a piece to replace, took her cell phone, would keep her from being able to leave the house with the kids, he called the cops about 5 times this year always with some BS lie. He called the cops and tried to have her baker acted and sent to a psych hospital for 3 days bc she wouldn’t argue back with him. He’s now s******g a local elementary school teacher named Alexandra Salup. They both think they’re really cute and have a one up on my gf but little does she know the jokes on her- he has herpes, and if he hasn’t given it to you already, he will. Just like he did my gf. He also keeps begging for my gf back and trying to come over to her house in spite of his new w***e and the restraining order. He’s obsessed with her. If he can’t have her, no one will and he wants to ruin her life and punish her. He truly is the Devils spawn. We’ve never met a man that acts like this and is so spiteful and wants to ruin the mother of his child’s life. He wants to ruin her business, her reputation, he’s ruined her credit and he has stolen so much money from her its unreal. She’s filed for divorce and he refuses to comply with anything and keeps dragging it out! He’s a bad person that needs to pay for what he’s done to my gf and her girls. This is the short version of all the c**p he’s pulled too. If you see his ugly mug come your way, run!!!

Beware of Jared Egg (Eggleston) and Robert Chavez

Jared Egg of Jensen Beach, Florida recently visited his friends in Colorado. One of them being Robert Chavez, a sexually violent predator. Jared is under investigation for exposing himself to children while in Colorado and is alleged to have ties to other known sexual predators and pedophiles.

Indian Trail, NC

Greg Pugesek with Home Depot MET Pineville, NC is a cheater. Cheated on wife Joanne while pregnant. Then got his girlfriend pregnant. Has cheated on her with multiple women including his ex. The only thing he is faithful to is his fishing pole.


Has lived in FL, TN, SC, NC

Tony Brea

Tony Brea is a drug user, virus spreader (ask him about the sores he gets in & around his genitals, groin area, & buttocks ), liar, cheater, coward, & user with NO regard for who he infects or hurts. He’s solicited ( & offered to pay) at least one of his former lovers asking her if she’d get him prescription painkillers & xanax (xanibar) from her doctor so that he could sell the pills for money for him.. Tony has stated that he’s a former gang member from Miami/ Carol City area, but that he keeps in touch with his leader. But he’s a proven coward who hides women. He does have arrest records in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, & Palm Beach County. He is known to reside in Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and currently the West Palm Beach & Loxahatchee area. He is currently employed by an aquatic vegetation control company based in Riviera Beach & Martin County Florida (FYI- that company has been warned of his use since he drives one of their trucks). That virus he spreads well he got that after getting with Brittany C Park ( (aka LilBritt) also of the Loxahatchee and West Palm Beach area). Condoms will not protect you when they can’t cover the infected area. Tony has stated he thinks sexually transmitted diseases a joke, and who cares about stds & if someone does drugs. This is to warn those who don’t know Tony Brea and/or those who don’t know what he’s really like and capable of. Please protect yourself at all costs from Tony Brea and from Brittany Park.

You can find him on facebook (add the https://)
You can find Brittany Park on facebook (add the https://)

Luisa Berry Simpsonville SC USA

Luisa Ann Berry is your common piece of trash that has nothing in life but a bottle of hair bleach and a stick of makeup to stand on in her pathetic life.

With that being said, it’s no wonder she thru herself all over my man at our wedding (the one she was hired to do the girls’ makeup). Seriously! What kind of trash throws herself at the groom at his wedding? Luckily, I have a good man…rate, I know…and he told me about every detail of her indescretions.

This s***k w***e of a fake blonde bimbo needs to be exposed!!! DO NOT RISK EMPLOYING THIS WOMAN OR A FRIENDSHIP WITH THIS TRASH! If you do, be prepared to be disrespected in every way possible.

RN 1634165 Jing Xia Tesoriero HIPAA Violator and Child Abuser – AKA Jing Xia Sutherland / Jing Xia Holberger (DOB 12/1/1981) China / Florida / Colorado

Here are the facts that we know about Jing Xia provided by multiple witnesses and documentation.

1981 (1980) December 1st: Jing Xia was born in Henan, China.

2000: Jing Xia entered into a sexual relationship with Kenneth Sutherland in exchange for free room and board. She openly admits that during the relationship, that she was aware that Kenneth Sutherland was raping his 12 year old step daughter.

2002: Jing Xia’s boyfriend, Kenneth Sutherland, was convicted of raping his stepdaughter multiple times and of possession of child p*********y, which was stored on Jing Xia’s laptop. There were also several
photos and videos of Jing Xia preforming strange and unusual sexual acts with an elderly man (Kenneth Sutherland?).

2002: Jing Xia married Kenneth Sutherland, a convicted sexual offender (while serving a life sentence). After she received her green card and having an affair with Anthony Tesoriero, she divorced her imprisoned husband.

2007: Jing Xia-Tesoriero married Anthony Tesoriero. During their marriage, Jing Xia-Tesoriero had several issues with prescription drugs and alcohol abuse.

2009: Jing Xia-Tesoriero overdosed on 30+ Xanax tablets in Chengdu, China. She was taken to the local hospital where her stomach was pumped and her mental state was consider compromised thereafter.

2011: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was placed Lexapro for mental issues. To date, she is still on the medication.

2015 April: Jing Xia-Tesoriero now 2nd ex-husband, Anthony Tesoriero divorces her. This happened after their son reported to the father & friends that his mother had taken secret vacations with 28 year old hospital tech Douglas Holberger, and that the 2 had s*x during those trips in front of the child.

2015: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was forced to resign her Emergency Room RN position at Martin Health Systems (Martin Memorial) in Stuart, Florida after she was found to be violating several patients HIPAA rights.
MHS Corporate Privacy

2015: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was investigated for child abuse, performing sexual acts in front of her then 5-year-old son and allowing him to play with a handgun (w/ammunition) by Florida DCF and police.

2015 June: Jing Xia-Tesoriero’s ex-hushand, Anthony Tesoriero was granted emergency custody of their son after it was found that Jing Xia-Tesoriero and Douglas Holberger had relocated to Colorado. Their plan was to violate court orders and hid the child from his father.

2015 August: During a visit by the father of her child (in Colorado), Jing Xia-Tesoriero lied to the father about the child’s living conditions, recorded and stated that she did not want the child. She then falsely accused and had the father arrested for theft. This was found to be part of a revenge scheme made up to gain leverage in family court. It should also be mention on that day, that Jing Xia-Tesoriero brought a loaded handgun to the campus of Eagle Ridge Elementary and threatened the child’s father with it.

2015 October: Jing Xia-Tesoriero advertised herself as an escort herself on Here photo can be found her at***e-and-shtty-mother-jing-xia-tesoriero-of-englewood-colorado/jing-xia-tesoriero-2/

2015 Dec 25: Jing Xia-Tesoriero met to exchanges the child with the father. The child states he doesn’t want to go with the her because Dog (Douglas Holberger) is sexual abusing him. After the exchange, Jing Xia-Tesoriero threatens the child, brings him back to the sheriff’s department and tells him she will leave him there for the father to pick up.

2016 January: Jing Xia-Tesoriero allowed her son to bring a 9mm shell casing to 1st grade, at Eagle Ridge Elementary. The child states that mama and Dog (Doug Holberger) plan to dress up and kill the father. Lone Tree police respond to the complaint and CPS investigates.

2016 March: Jing Xia-Tesoriero’s boyfriend, Douglas Holberger was evicted (by Douglas County Court) from her apartment and restricted to supervised visitations, after CPS verified claims of child abuse and sexual misconduct.

2016 March: After a continued year of abuse by Jing Xia-Tesoriero and Douglas Holberger, Jing Xia-Tesoriero falsifies medical information and has her son medicated daily. This is in hopes of covering up the damage that they have done to him. This has had a very poor effects on the child’s mental and physical state.

2016 May: Jing Xia-Tesoriero (and Douglas Holberger) plead guilty to child abuse and neglect of her child, in Douglas County, Colorado. Case # 16JV47.

2016 May: Jing Xia-Tesoriero has a restraining order placed against her for stalking her ex-husband, Anthony Tesoriero.

Currently: Jing Xia-Tesoriero lives in Englewood, Colorado and works at a Denver hospital. She drives a silver 4 door Kia (Colorado License Plate QML 555). She should be considered armed at all times and should be only approached with due caution.

HEATHER & STEVEN HITT (of Sebastian) Brother; Doug Holberger The Child Molester!

Ask Heather and her husband Steven about her child molesting brother and what she thinks of this piece of s**t.

Heather lives in Sebastian, Florida and you can reach her on Facebook at:

Douglas ‘Dog’ Holberger has been court ordered by Douglas County (on 3/2016) Colorado to have no contact a 7 year boy that he has molested since January of 2015. If you see him around children, a playground or school, please report to police!

For more details on Dog:

Facebook Dog at:


Good news and kudos to Douglas County! Douglas ‘Dog’ Holberger has been court ordered by Douglas County (on 3/2016) not to contact that 7 year boy on Roosevelt Lane in Englewood (Windsor at Meridian). It’s good that someone is finally looking out for his victims and not allowing him to continue to molest them. I hope that other parents are paying attention to what a sick individual he is and that they have the sense to keep their kids away from him.


Dear Dog,

Does Chelsea Fruggiero, George Perkins, Nicole Voth, Terry Drohan, Kimberly Foulk,Kimber Lamoreux, Johanna Job, Carrie James,Raegan Schultz, Brett Clarke, Tyler Earll, Ayla Flickinger and Mikey Messier Jr. know about you having s*x in front a 5 year old while working at Martin Memorial and being a child molester?

Bonnie Mac Donald, Clearwater, Florida

You had me convinced and you broke up a forever marriage and hurt my children. The games you play with peoples emotions and lives . And the devastation you caused my family. When sneaking off while working and then all the good s*x times we had until you blew it because over 5 guys we work with said you were they re s*x toy too. Your name suites you BJ unfortunately it was good while it lasted but you had to play your game and start talking. My ex wife was right you ride and look like a mule. YE HA Watch out for this woman she loves destroying homes. Your one ugly s*x toy!!!!!!!


Percy Golden, Jacksonville, Florida

Percy Golden is a total sociopaths narcissist who lies, doesn’t care about people that treat him the best. He’s a good actor and is crazy making. He totally emotionally abuses you as he trains you through his controlling jealousy, then once you have nothing left but him, he treats you like a piece of poo that he never cared about. He’s terribly immature, can’t take responsibility for anything, Never sees reality for what it is, always is calculating and thus suspects you being so disgusting minded. He thinks women are much less than him in general and he can’t even ever solve a problem, admit fault, apologize, think about anyone else but himself and seriously hates psychology because he doesn’t want to even face the truth of who he is. He seriously cold and affectionate at first only to take that away and never touch you or show love. The harder you try to be perfect for him, the more he chews you up and spits you out. He will say anything to get laid.


Debbie Whittingham, Miami, Florida

Debbie Whittingham contacted my boyfriend through Facebook private message looking to have an affair with him. She even had the nerve to comment on our pics saying how nice it was to see him happy. She continuously proposes to be with him with no strings attached and even offering to pay for whatever they are going to do. Also asking him if I checked his phone because she doesn’t want any drama. Girls be aware of this woman and if you see her name anywhere near your man immediately block her. Shes no good and obviously cannot find her own man.


Jessie Gesen Brown, Miami, Florida – She Has genital herpes, Hpv,

A repeat offender, has cheated on her boyfriends, her husband numerous times, even cheated on her lovers. She Has genital herpes, Hpv, had clamidia, and who knows what else at this point. Master manipulator, the poster board of a sociopath. She is a substance abuser, has an eating disorder, and will use anything to victimize herself. Loves to go to Alanon, AA, or NA meetings to play the role of a recovering addict, or the victim of a addict. In reality, she goes to these meetings to scope out rich vulnerable man. She has a felony conviction, and is in this country illegally. She gets involved with men for money, so beware.


Kyle Copeland, Jacksonville, Florida

Kyle Copeland, originally from Moultrie GA, is a cheater and will always be a cheater. He brings all the girls he cheats with to Savannah and stays at the Hyatt. This is because he can’t be caught in Jacksonville by his current girlfriend. He uses the excuse he is visiting his friend in Valdosta. He also says that his mom isn’t well and he has to spend a lot of time with her in Atlanta. While low and behold he is out with some other woman. He has no respect for women. He just uses them until he can’t use them anymore. If you decide to date him you should get tested for STD’s and HIV often.