Stephanie Gelinas aka GellyCool from Quebec, Canada

This horrible person made me believe she was someone who she clearly is not. She was a pain in my ass for like 5 months. She constantly threatened with suicide if I didn’t buy her a video game online or if I stopped talking to her. She is very lazy. Dumb useless slut gets everything handed to her by mommy and daddy; and has never worked a day in her life. College, rent, groceries, gas — everything given to her by her parents. She is selfish as fuck, annoying, whines and complains for compliments but it’s clearly very hard to compliment her as she has nothing going for her. During the first two months *about* she sent me very old photoshopped pictures of herself where she looked thin and pretty. Then when we started getting into a real relationship, she sent me dirty pictures of a completely different, very fat person. When I tried to confront her/leave her she threatened me with suicide and then she called my parents and the police on me saying that I was the one going to kill myself. Made my life hell. She’d always demand things from me or else she’d kill herself, she’d say. Finally, it got to a point where I found out her friends paid guys to date her and decided screw it — she’s not going to harm herself, shes going to make me harm myself. She’s a horrible monster. She constantly talks shit about her best friend Lawrence. Meanwhile, that same friend is the only one actually trying to look out for her.

Suzanne Skinner Forster Washington DC USA

Suzanne Skinner Forster is a former drug addict addicted to pot and meth. She has unprotected sex with african men and contracted HIV as a result. Her hands have herpes and genital wart scars. This fat cow is no stranger to homosexuality and has amassed a cult following from spreading her legs and sharing her clitloris with anyone she can find – inclusing her father Kenny! She has a fat gut and is nearly 250 pounds with a double chin. Smoking so much dope gave her mental illness which she treats with the occasional antipaychotic drug.

Cayce Goodall. Troy, IL, USA.

Her number is 618-980-7083. She cheated on me when I needed someone most, gave me a half-assed fake apology for being a bitch and then broke her promises and continued being a cheating whore.

She’s very sensitive about her weight and looks so call her fat, ugly, etc.

David D Jones, San Antonio Tx, Richmond Va, Cleveland and Cincinnati Oh, Colorado, Key West Fl, Woodlands Tx, Los Angles Ca, San Fran Ca, Key West Fl, and several other States

dob 9/18/57-58
brown/gray hair
blue eyes
big-ass round head he thinks is all brains
believes his own lies

Attorney who hasn’t realized he’s a 60 year old, at least 50lbs overweight, game playing, sick perv. He gets away with batting his blue eyes and flirting, making you feel special. Ladies- it’s all a game he running on you. Don’t be fooled into thinking he gives a crap about anything but himself. He loves women/girls that are too young for his old ass, and likely under age–it’s sick and twisted the amount of time he wastes looking at barely legal girls. He is a pathological liar, a narcissist, who has no boundaries OR MORALS. Psychologically he is dangerously controlling, will lie (and does) to everyone including his own family about anything and nothing, and is only concerned with playing the victim/martyr role. He can turn on the waterworks in an instant, turn every issue into your fault, and somehow, his screw-ups are all your fault. You will be blamed for everything that he does wrong, everything he doesn’t want to take responsibility for, every lie he tells. He cheated with me while he was married–I know I know, but I believed his story about how terrible his home life was, he was getting divorced, he was just waiting for the right time (he did get divorced btw then screwed me over when he got back together with the ex, then cheated on her again!) He favors married women since they have more to lose if they are found out, and only preys on the married women he works around and the ones he gets to know while traveling, i.e. airport bars, local eateries, coffee shops, etc. He travels a great deal, therefor Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Ohio (loves him some Ohio athletic chic). He often goes back for a second round with some of the married women. I guess it makes him feel powerful bedding another mans wife repeatedly, for years. He single handedly destroyed his family, trashed every ex he had by lying about how terrible they were as a person, pretends to have the ability to feel compassion and empathy, and will throw you under a bus to protect himself and who ever he is sleeping with at the time. For a guy who needs to bed other mens wives, he sure is a chicken s*** when it comes to standing up and taking responsibility, telling the truth, doing the right thing by anyone except himself.
As much as I hate to admit it, I feel terrible for his last (3rd or 4th) Ex- she hasn’t a clue how much he screwed around and lied to her every time he left town and often when he was home, in their own house, texting, emailing etc. He likes the excitement of living dangerously. One day, I hope some husband (hear me Mr Richmond VA?) destroys his reputation, his ego, his long term MO of cheating and backstabbing ways, and shows the world just how insecure and harmful this fat, lying sack of cheating crap, actually is by publicly humiliating and destroying him. He deserves whatever crap he has coming and then some. I long for the day several of us ladies confront him together and ruin his game playing cruel ways. Let’s see him lie his way out of that. He’s a POS
So yeah- ladies don’t be made a fool of by falling for his b.s and men–HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, HE WANTS WHAT YOU HAVE–watch your female partners and DAUGHTERS. For a fat old guy, he loves young and very athletic female bodies and their daughters. This is just the tip of the iceberg people–YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Sheena Rose Tadena (Fresno, California)

Sheena Tadena is a 31 year old pinay attention whore with bad vision that makes her mildly cross-eyed. Stands at 5’5 and currently weighing over 180 pounds of bullshit.

Sometimes wears glasses when she feels like she is a little dumber than usual, but usually wears sunglasses when going out to cover her ugly ass face. Brags about her hard working success of being a pinay because she has nothing else to brag about.

Freeloading fat fuck who’s bad in bed. Spends her time taking selfies and counting numbers on her facebook. Everything about her is a lie. Can’t hold a job. Can’t drive a car without causing an accident. Needs her license revoked for sure.

She likes the attention of any man, especially ones with kids. Lies about everything, even the color of her shoes. She is physically abusive and loves drama more than she will ever love you.

Says no one can resist her. Calls herself a queen. No good in bed, just lays there like a dead seal. Has fantasies of lying down on a rose bed and being pleased by multiple guys at once without doing anything. She will suck anyone who gives her a second glance. Has multiple boyfriends (human wallets) and a kid. Sleeps with men and demands money or else she would say rape.

Pretends to be helplessly depressed with a hard life.