Leo (Leon) Lovell Allen, III – Chicago, IL, USA (Originally from Cleveland, OH)

Leo Allen, III was much worse than just a cheater. He had no job or money when we met. He told me this a 2-3 after our first meeting. He said he was depressed and asked for my help. I felt bad and I let him stay with me–until he found a job and could either afford his own place or help pay rent. He never did. I was living on very little and barely afford to pay necessities for just myself. Whenever I tried to make sure he understood this, he would promise to not ever ask me for money again and would find a job so he could start paying me back. He would go right back to asking for weed money and eating my food and asking for things (like an expensive phone) I couldn’t afford.

After swearing up and down that he only wanted to be with me (he was acting a little sketchy), I saw messages on one of his online dating profiles where he sent dick pics to other girls and tried to get some to come to my apartment while I was at work for sex.

He cheated on his last girlfriend. And I found out later that he was sleeping with both of us at the same time early on. I also found out that he let his last girlfriend spend thousands of dollars on him to help him with housing and food and getting a job (which he still doesn’t have). I don’t know how many others he’s used this way, but I don’t see him changing.

He has shown signs of violence, and I’ve seen him get incredibly, unjustifiably angry. Please beware and do not let him live with you or take any of your money.