Katelyn Richmond, Mooresville, Indiana

When you are down, Katelyn Richmond leaves. If you cant buy her what she wants, she leaves. You have to bring in so much money and buy her so many gifts to keep her close. She pulls the sympathy card and says she was abused. She was never abused. She has apps installed on her phone to hide what she does. We were trying to have a baby the same time she was with three other guys trying to get pregnant. One of those guys has a girlfriend and a kid. The other one is married and has kids. The last one is someone who makes 35000 and has nice stuff. She told us all that she loved us. Within 3 days we were all with her unprotected. She tells us to get off inside of her because she loves us and we are so amazing. She just got a real job. She is 25 and lives in her parents home. She will say and do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants. If its gas in her car jewelry, food at a restaurant she will suck and f**k anyone. She sends pictures and videos when you start to pull away. She works at a hospital and alot of us have gone up to see her