Erin Peerman, Evansville, Indiana

Erin Peerman lives on and off with her allegedly ex boyfriend but i’m sure if some one is paying for everything it has to be something more than that. She would have me pick her up all the time and take her out to dinner, we would go back to my house and fuck but after awhile i found it strange that she would never let me come over but i always dismissed it as not being a big deal. Come to find out that I had a few mutual friends with this “ex” of hers and kind of felt bad that this heartless slut was dragging this guy around by the balls while she got it in with any guy that would look her way. I ended up telling her “ex” what was up and she ended up getting really butt hurt about me blowing up her spot. Since then she has done the same thing countless times so i figured i might as well expose her for who she really is so she doesn’t keep whoring it up and sucking the life out of every other guy she sees another dudes she fucked