Erin Hirsch of Amazon in Seattle does not disclose her married status on Tinder

Erin Hirsch who works as a recruiter for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle, Washington goes on various dating apps such as Tinder and portrays herself to be single and ready to mingle. But — Erin Hirsch is married and when confronted about the status of her marriage, she is always evasive, misleading and coy, often alluding to the notion that she is separated and working out a divorce agreement. She has been saying this for years now! When I met Erin Hirsch in-person, we got fully intimate right away. Then after parted ways, I had my male friend meet her on Tinder, and same thing: they got sexually intimate on the first-date. Looks like Erin Hirsch is using Tinder for some booty-call action on the side!