Erika Morgan, Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Erika Morgan found my husbands number while working at the local ambulance station that they were coworkers and began texting him asking him to hang out. Meanwhile knowing he was married with 2 kids she didn’t care. She began asking him to have sex with her and they would drive around in his truck together while he told me he was else where. She told me that she told him she would date him and said that she would tell him how she wanted to have sex with him and what ways and where. She told me over and over that she respected my marriage however that they made out. She was telling people that her and my husband were boyfriend and girlfriend. She then had him put an app on his phone so he could see where she was. Meanwhile she was out sleeping with a bunch of guys from local fire depts and ambulance stations. My husband had called her asking her about the cheating and she denied it and they got into a fight over the phone when she hung up on him. He tracked her to her location using the app and caught her with another guy. He went home sent her a goodbye text and shot himself. In two months time she had 15 guys married or taken come to one ambulance station to visit her, she gets multiple phone calls while working that she talks sex with the guys. She also would snap chat naked pics. She told me at one point she didn’t care who she got pregnant to she just wanted to have a baby. After my husband died she caused my sister in law (my deceased husbands sister) and her fiance to break up and Erika ended up getting pregnant to him in December. She has now left him and is on her third boyfriend if your looking for a good time that’s about all you get because I have been told by men she talked to that she only keeps you around for 2-4 weeks as a boyfriend while cheating on you and then leaves you.