Eric LaPorte Oracle Denver Colorado Sexual Predator

Eric LaPorte in Denver Colorado is beyond pathetic. Look, I can understand how on dating sites men post old photos of themselves when they had hair, lol, or when women post old photos of themselves when they were slim, lol, but Eric LaPorte takes this to a whole another level. I am an 18 year-old hottie and I met Eric LaPorte on the Tinder app. He said he was 21 years old. After chatting by texts for a while, we agreed to meet up at a Starbucks. Needless to say, Eric LaPorte looked NOTHING like his profile photo!!! The Eric Laporte I met was more like 50-ish. It was like meeting on one of my dad’s friends. WTF!!! A quick digging up on this freak reveals that Eric LaPorte is a 49 year old weirdo who works at Oracle. Like c’mon, who will believe Eric LaPorte is 21?! LMAO! This sexual predator Eric LaPorte needs to be put on blast!!!