Wes B Beitler

He acted like a victim of a bad breakup. He will feed you all his lies & make you feel bad for him. He is a drug addict, he doesn’t want to be sober. His priority is getting drunk; But, if a different drug is available, he will binge on whatever drug is in front of him. He is convinced that his uncle (who touches him inappropriately & wants a 3some with him) can read his thoughts. Basically, can control him like the Professor, from X-men.
Him and his uncle convinced me that he has been treated so badly by women. Told me he was cheated on by all of them, abused, robbed, made to raise a son that is someone else’s, etc.
While I was with him, he was always drunk & would get violent. He would always use the excuse that I was cheating 2 allow him 2 get away with getting abusive, or his horrible actions.
I grew up watching my mother get beat & promised myself, I would not let that happen 2 me. So, I taught myself how to defend myself, against an abusive man. Wes found this out the hard way, he would deny everything, becuz he was drunk. But, would guilt me, becuz he would b bruised from me defending myself.
One night he stabbed me, the police came & I wouldn’t tell them anything. I felt sorry for him, I really believed he was that damaged from his exs. Also, he had a son & I didn’t want him in prison.
He would always procrastinate & whenever he got a job offer, he would never show up. His uncle just enabled him & would talk him out of accepting a job. His uncle instigated 90% of our problems. He told my BF that I was a prostitute, I was cheating on him, etc. I let all of this factor into what I would let him get away with. He would say he wants to sober up, but when he is doing good, his uncle would sabotage everything. His uncle did the same with his other relationships. He got arrested for hitting me in front of some people. He convinced me not to go to court. After being with him & living with him for over a year. He finally got a job, barely gave me over $100, for bills, got into heroin, & left me b4 he got his 2ND paycheck. He ghosted me, told his family that I got him into H, was abusive 2 him, etc. He contacted me back, lied about why he hasn’t contacted me & got back together long enough to get some Xmas gifts. Sorry, this “letter” is all over the place, I am typing this I a phone & I just wanna get this over with. He is a liar, he uses you by taking advantage of you and getting you to feel sorry for him. He has a creepy relationship wit his uncle. A girl answered his phone one time, which he denies for awhile, until he couldn’t. He gets drunk & let’s gay guys fondle him (found this out at a party). He cares for no one but himself. He is bisexual, hiding from the porn he watches, etc. He uses being blk out drunk as an excuse to do anything & will deny it, becuz he doesn’t remember. He destroyed al my electronics on night, says it doesn’t matter becuz no bought everything with my debit/credit card. He started hitting me, my brother woke up, he ran off into the metal screen door & split his lip open. Blames me, becuz he doesn’t remember & he is always the victim…